A Very Merry Mickey Birthday Party

So now that G will be turning 2 next week (where did the time go??) I thought it time to finally finish my post about his last party before we have another one.

Even though G turned a year old last February, we decided to wait until April to have his party. We had a few reasons for this, one of them being that we wanted him to be a little closer to his developmental year mark. Another was that February is a very busy birthday month for our friends and April was better for being outside.

When we moved into our new house we decided we should have a BBQ get together as a type of house warming after G was born and before I went back to work. Him coming early threw those plans off a bit as our pediatrician recommended we keep G away from other kids until he had all his vaccines and then to be careful after that. So we put it off, thinking we would do it in the fall. Well, that didn’t work out either so I decided that we would just have a big BBQ/Birthday Bash all in one.

So on to the party!

I had started planning G’s party months before… I’m a little overzealous like that. I went with the classic red, black, and yellow Mickey Mouse theme. Of course I left all the actual work until the last minute (I’m an artful procrastinator) but it came out great. The decorations and treats are best shown so here are a few pictures!

_MG_8759 watermark

_MG_8746 watermark

Pardon the flash mark on the poster. Didn’t have time to move the tripod around to get flash-less pictures of everything.

Close-up of the console table.

Close-up of the console table. Shutterfly book of G’s first year, a Mickey, a properly attired “G,” an 8×10 of his invitation photo, and a picture of him at a few weeks old.

G's smash cake - made by yours truly!

G’s smash cake – made by yours truly!

Mint chocolate dipped Oreo Mickeys. I’m drooling just thinking about them. They were delicious. We had a dark chocolate (non-minty) version too.

Mickey Cupcakes… thanks to Pinterest! I’m pretty sure no one ate them. They thought they were for show. That’s ok. They looked pretty and I sent the rest of them to work with Hubby where they were a big hit.

_MG_8800 watermark

Oreo truffles made by Sister. We also had chocolate dipped pretzels. They didn’t come out as pretty as we hoped but they were still tasty.




We had Mickey goody bags with all sorts of fun things in them like bubbles, a curly straw, stickers, some candy (of course), and a few other goodies. For the babies that came I had found some soft Mickey and Minnie blankie babies. They were so cute! I also made party hats even though most of the kids didn’t wear them. G was not interested in his much at all.

Case in point. He's trying to pull his hat off.

Case in point. He’s trying to pull his hat off.

I will leave you now with a few more pictures of the fun!

I joined in the theme with a Mickey shirt and my own Mickey ears.

I joined in the theme with a Mickey shirt and my own Mickey ears.

The Mickey head on the cake was made with an edible modeling "dough." It did not taste delicious but G tried it several times before he finally decided it wasn't tasty.

The Mickey head on the cake was made with an edible modeling “dough.” It did not taste delicious but G tried it several times before he finally decided it wasn’t tasty.

_MG_1449 watermark

Hopefully I’ll manage to get pictures up of G’s second party faster… but with Baby Sister coming I can’t promise anything so don’t get your hopes up.

To my non-parent friends: A word of warning.

Being a mom is the greatest thing I’ve done. It’s better than graduating college or getting my CKD or anything else I can think of. It’s a demanding job but infinitely rewarding. I would do it all again in a heartbeat. Well, technically I am doing it all again soon but you know what I mean.

But the thing about being a parent is that you have to make sacrifices. Forever. Because once you have children they never really go away. Just ask my parents. All three of us left and then moved back in at one point or another. And because they love us, they didn’t laugh at us hysterically when we asked if our old rooms were still available.

But the first few years probably come with the most concessions and changes to your once child-free existence. So I’m giving you a list of things to cherish now, while you can.

1) Sleep
I know that might sound like a no brainer but I’m serious. Those all-nighters and late nights/early mornings because you went out and partied? You will wish you had slept. Because once you have kids you will be in a sleep deficit for years to come. And for us ladies it starts roughly 6 months before the baby even shows up in your house. Yippee. Now I’m not saying you’ll never get a good night’s sleep, I’m just saying your definition of a good night’s sleep will change.

2) Hot Food
What witchcraft these children use to deduce the exact second you’re about to sit down and eat anything I cannot fathom. I cannot tell you how many times G has woken up crying the literal second the microwave beeps or I set my plate down and pick up my fork. It’s uncanny. And even if you’re fast about going to get said crying child the original heat of your food will have dissipated and you’ll be stuck with eating lukewarm or rewarmed chicken or pasta. Fun times.

3) Not Sharing
Have a cookie? A chip? A piece of candy? Anything remotely delicious? Well, hope you have more than one. Because once they start eating, they want what you have. As long as it’s not broccoli. You can keep that. Oh, and if they have one of their own? Too bad, they still want yours too.

4) Nice Things
Now, I’ve been in houses where this is not true. Maybe they lock up their children. Or don’t let them into the living room. Or maybe they have children who don’t choose to use the couch as a chalkboard. But more than likely they just spend their time cleaning up after the small tornadoes that spend most of their waking hours making a hellacious mess. Most of the time I make the decision to limit my energy in that area as I know the next day will bring the same mess. So my house looks like a disaster zone 97% of the time. The other 3% is when company is coming over and I’ve jammed everything in a closet and swiped a dustrag across a few surfaces. If we ever move again, our new house WILL have a playroom. A room dedicated solely to the massive accumulation of junk that comes with children. If it’s a two-story, then it will require two. One for each level. Don’t laugh. I’m serious.

5) Constant Terror
Depending on your significant other’s profession you might suffer from this now, even before small people take over your life. But having children amplifies this worry and anxiety and may cause you to want to develop agoraphobia. Having children makes you worry about everything. Everything in the news freaks you out, because it WILL happen to you and your family! You worry about something happening to you, to your spouse, and worse, to your child. I worried before (I’m a professional worrier) but it was nothing compared to now.

6) Sitting for any length of time
Whatever knack children have for knowing when you are planning to sit down and eat is apparently the same one they employ to know the exact moment you become comfortable when sitting and relaxing. Then they will need a drink. Or a snack. Or want “up.” Or they will be getting into something they are not supposed to be getting into. When they are teeny tiny you can at least have them with you so the getting up is less frequent. But when they become walkers and talkers? Well, make sure you don’t expect to get comfortable for long.


Now, please understand, even if I have to get up 42 times in an hour to get a cup or help him get unstuck or keep him out of the trash or pantry or cabinets, it’s all worth it. Because his little face lights up when he climbs up on my lap. And hearing his sweet voice say “mommy” through the monitor as he calls for me melts my heart. And in the middle of the night, when I’m dead tired and really want to stay asleep, his little warm body melding to mine as I comfort his cries and he falls asleep in my arms… well, those moments are so precious and gone so quickly. He may be my son forever but he’ll only be my baby for a very short time. I can’t believe 2 years have passed since he showed up so unexpectedly. I can’t believe that he will grow more and more independent and won’t want to kiss and hug mommy anymore. He won’t care about having mommy reach back in the car and “hug” him in his seat. He won’t want “up” all the time and be so content to sit on my hip. So if I have to make dinner one handed or rewarm my dinner a few (dozen) times, then oh well. Because cold chicken is nothing compared to these days flying by so quickly. So while you should be prepared for the sacrifices and compromises you will have to make, understand that the reward for those sacrifices far outweighs a few sleepless nights and crayon on your couch.

These are some more of my favorite things.

So I wrote this out to a friend who is pregnant when she asked a question on the Facebooks about what to register for. It took me forever to write it all down so I decided to keep it here so I can find it later if anyone else ever wants a short novel regarding baby gear. Those without children will probably find this to be rather dull. Feel free to skip it. Those having children or planning to have children might also find this dull but possibly informative. So hey, here it is.

Bibs: I like Carters’ bibs. Target, Wal-mart, Babies R Us (BRU) all carry them. They are lined so they are waterproof (drooling, barfing, dribbled milk, etc) but the waterproof lining is inside so they don’t have that yucky crinkly feeling. Although, word of warning, I do not dry them because they shrink and get weird. I hang mine dry and they are in perfect condition (except for some random food stains – sweet potatoes are a butt to get out!).

Boppy/My Breast Friend/Mombo/Etc: If you plan to breastfeed (I’ve heard those who bottle feed like them too), one of these is a must. I have a Boppy and I love it. I’ve heard others like the MBF or the Mombo better. MBF actually buckles behind you so it doesn’t shift. You can get interchangeable covers with all of them but I know the Boppy makes a water-resistant “undercover.” That way if you get milk or spit up on it your actual pillow is protected. Now it’s resistant, not proof so if it gets wet you want to pull off the top cover and check the bottom one before it soaks through. The pillow also doubles as a place for tummy time and for the baby to sit/recline in.

Jammies: I like the gowns (I used them even with Baby G) and snap footie jammies. That way if you have to change the baby you can just unsnap the legs instead of unzipping all the way down. Now, some have two-way zippers which are awesome. In general, Carter’s brand tend to be longer and slimmer than Gerber and Circo (Target). The BRU brand footed jammies have bizarrely short legs so we never used those. Depending on how cold the house is, we generally used cotton jammies and a swaddle blanket when he was little. Now he is either in lighter weight jammies for warmer temps and fleece in the winter.

Crib Mattress protector. I use a 100% cotton mattress pad and then a waterproof liner on top of that. The waterproof mattress pad I had originally got ruined when I dried it on low. Wasn’t happy about that. With the waterproof liner in between the mattress pad and fitted sheet, the fitted top sheet and waterproof liner can be washed without having to strip the whole bed. The cotton mattress pad helps provide a little softness and protection and warmth. The inserts wash and dry just fine and you will want those through toddler-hood. They are also great for under your side of the bed for milk leaking, night sweats (I had horrible night sweats after my C-Section), and for even before birth in case of accidental peeing (yes, it happens) and water breaking, etc. Look here. They are 100% cotton and really nice.

Travel disposable diaper sacks: These are great for the diaper bag, in the car, in the house, etc. It’s nice to have if you are at someone’s house or out in public so you can put stinky diapers in them and toss them without having to worry about stinking up their house. Or heck, your house. We still use them almost 2 years later.

Diaper Cream: This is one of those things you want to try a sampling of. Desitin smells really strongly (to me) but it’s the only one that worked on Baby G. Boudreaux’s Butt Paste was worthless for him but a lot of people really like it. A lot of it is trial and error.

Diapers: Again, a sampling works best here until you figure out what works best. I’m a fan of Pampers Swaddlers and I find I have the best results with them. I still buy them. I’m also a diaper snob. G can’t wear Target brand (he’s allergic) or Pampers Baby Dry. DO NOT GET PAMPERS BABY DRY. THEY ARE THE DEVIL. Ok, the may not be (or be of) the Devil , but they have been known to cause burns or terrible rashes due to a chemical that are in them. We used them once and G got a violent blistering diaper rash that took us ages to get over. You might say it’s not fair to blame the diapers but I’ve heard of too many stories of it happening so we will not be trying them again. Wal-mart brand diapers worked terribly for us. We used 2 and then took those puppies back. Never again. We are now using Luvs at night (he goes up a diaper size at night now) but during the day I’m stuck on my Pampers. We have used Huggies too but I just like the fit of the Pampers better. BUT, some babies fit better in other diapers. Hence, the sampling.

Wipes: I HATE Pampers wipes. I know, right? Huggies and Parent’s Choice (Wal-mart) are my favorites. The Pampers are really thin while the others are nice and thick. Thick wipes work a lot better than thin wimpy wipes. Haven’t tried many others.

Baby Tub: I have the cheapest Target tub that has the infant sling. Nothing fancy or anything. The sling is great though when they are very little. G used his tub forever (it has the infant sling, the recline, and the area to help them sit up). He actually probably used it for longer than needed but we tried the big tub at one point and he seemed a little overwhelmed. So back to the baby tub we went for a little longer. There are a zillion options out there for tubs. You can even get a baby whirlpool tub. I don’t have one of those for me so I figure my kids don’t need one either.

Hooded Towels: Love, Love, Love, hooded towels!! Everywhere sells them. They make little ones for babies and bigger ones for toddlers. We still use the bigger hooded towels. Love them. And we never used a robe. They are cute but not practical. You would have to dry the baby, change them into the robe (you don’t want to dry them in the robe because then it would be wet), and then change them into clothes. The only way a robe would be good is if you are going a long distance between bath and wherever you are dressing them. Then you could change from wet towel to robe and then to room to dress.

Washcloths: I am partial to 100% cotton. I like both the really thin ones and the thicker ones. We still use the little washcloths for G. Usually a thinner one for face and thicker for body (I find they hold more soap). When they are teeny the thinner ones work well for all their little crevices.

Swaddling blankets/pod/sacks: I LOVED the swaddling blankets I got. I have these. BRU and Target have the aden + anais brand that are similar. They are nice and big and lightweight which is great for layering. We also really liked the SwaddlePods and SwaddleMe wraps. They make swaddling pretty easy.

Car Seat Canopy: These are great for keeping sun off, people breath and fingers away, rain/weather protection, etc. Mine is a JJ Cole and actually velcros under the seat. Some just lay over and that’s fine. Mine also has a slit in the front so you can peek at the baby without having to pull it off completely. They make also make fleece ones for winter.

For Breastfeeding/Pumping: Nursing cover (find a large one. I had one that wasn’t quite wide enough and didn’t provide enough coverage). I know breastfeeding in public is legal and all but I’m not one of those who’s willing to have my boob hanging out. Also, if you’re going to pump, you want a hands-free bra. Find it here. It was a LIFESAVER.

Babywearing: The two best carriers I have found are the Moby and the Ergo. The Ergo requires a special insert for newborns but is great when they get older if you don’t want to bother with the insert. The Moby takes some time to get used to putting on but it’s VERY secure and comfortable. It looks daunting, but it’s awesome. I wore Baby G everywhere in the Moby when he was tiny and never had to support his head or anything else. Some of the carriers out there are not good for their hip development and they recommend you never wear them facing out (even when they get older) as their hips are not properly supported. The Ergo also does a nice back carry that is great for older kids.

Hats/mittens/socks: I found Carter’s hats to be wide and short. We were never really able to use them. The Gerber hats seem to be longer (taller?) and more slim and fit a lot better. The little mittens you find in the stores really don’t work all that well. They don’t stay on and seem to be pretty shallow. A lot of the Carter’s jammies and long-sleeved onesies have hand covers that work better. If you do have to cover their hands, baby socks work better than the mittens from what I found. As far as socks, I really like the Circo brand socks. That is mostly what G wears now. They are longer and thinner vs. some of the other brands that are short and fat. Again, this will depend on your baby but my family generally has long skinny footed kids so for us the Circo socks are awesome. The Carter’s ones again seemed short and wide. Which is weird because their clothes are long and skinny. Go figure.

Car Seat: you have the option of an infant seat or a convertible seat. The infant seats are portable and clip into some strollers or stroller bases. I do not suggest ever putting them on the top part of a buggy as they are not meant for this and can easily tip over. And possibly damage the mechanism that holds them into their base. I was guilty of it with Baby G but will not be doing this with the new one. Most of the time I wore him but when he was teeny tiny and we had to run someplace I’d leave him in his carrier with the canopy so he was completely covered and away from germies and prying eyes. A lot of infant seats are only rear-facing and usually go up to 25-35 pounds. Convertible seats go from rear to forward facing and have a much higher range of weight. But they are not very portable. We chose the infant seat and will get G a new booster/5-point harness seat when baby sister comes.

Strollers: Ugh. It took us forever to pick a stroller. A lot of brands make travel systems and the infant seat clips into the stroller. We picked a “jogger” style and I like it mostly but I wish it had a bigger basket on the bottom. I also wish it sat up a little closer to 90 degrees. It has a fantastic canopy and wheels nicely but the cargo room on the bottom stinks. Now we have that and an umbrella stroller and all depends on where we are going which one we use. There are crazy expensive brands (BOB, for one) and mid-line brands, and basics. Some strollers can be fitted with adapters to hold other brands’ carseats. There are also just bases that only hold the carseat part. Now we have to decide if we want a double stroller or not. It probably is a good idea eventually but for starters I will probably just wear baby sister while G rides in a cart/stroller. 

Cart/Highchair Cover: These are awesome. Mine covers the entire shopping cart seating part – handle, sides, etc, so that G can’t lick the handle (why do kids DO this??) or touch something gross on the sides, or sit in someone’s dried pee. Hey, it happens. Not to us yet but then again, we use a cart cover so we wouldn’t even know. I’m not a total germaphobe and sometimes we find ourselves without it but it just makes me more comfortable to have him in less contact with surfaces that are gross.

Other things to register for (or buy) are pacifiers (again with a sampling here as not all babies will take every kind and you’ll want several in each stage), a paci strap, a paci holder (keeps them clean in diaper bag, purse, etc). Bouncy seat (can be as fancy or as basic as you like) and swing (same here), high chair, pack and play (tons of options with these). Crib sheets, changing pad cover (want multiples of these). Teethers, rattles, soft toys to chew, toys that hang from the carseat, a mobile (if you desire), a monitor (zillions of choices – video, regular, two-way, etc). Sorry for all the sentence fragments. My mind works like that these days.

As far as registering for Diapers and wipes, clothes, toys, etc – people will buy them regardless. But I figure, if they’re going to buy it anyway I might as well register for things I actually want. It’s also suggested to not go crazy on newborn stuff. If big babies run in your family (like do in mine) you don’t want to get stuck with a ton of newborn clothes and diapers. Or you could be like me and literally have like one newborn outfit and one small box of newborn diapers and bring home a preemie. *facepalm* But, honestly, I would have rather had that than have been stuck with a ton of stuff I couldn’t use. Also, don’t wash everything ahead of time. Again, don’t want to be stuck with a bunch of washed clothes your tiny person won’t wear.

Are you asleep yet? Did you quit reading halfway down thinking it would never end? Heck, I didn’t even go in to baby furniture or toys (yes get a play mat and a Bumbo or equivalent). The only other suggestion I have is shop consignment stores and sales. I’ve gotten great deals (both my cart covers and my travel Boppy were bought secondhand) on clothes and other baby gear. In fact most of G’s shoes up to size 5 were bought from a local consignment store. I’ve gotten some great brand-name clothes and shoes for a small fraction of their original cost. And in great condition.

So that’s it. I’m done for now. I’d really like a nap.

Pregnancy Myths

So it’s really no secret that I’m not a happy glowy pregnant person. I really don’t enjoy being pregnant. Some women love it but honestly, most of the women I’ve talked to really could do without the pregnant part of having a baby. But there are some like to perpetrate myths about pregnancy that make other women have a false sense of security when getting pregnant. Here are a few.

1) Maternity pants are not comfortable. You’ll hear people say how comfy they are and how they wish they could wear them all the time. These people are insane. Maternity pants are the devil. They don’t stay up so you spend all day yanking up your pants. They don’t have enough support so your love handles just pudge right over the band. They get saggy in the bottom and baggy in the crotch. You literally can’t walk 5 steps without having to haul them back up. And rearrange every other piece of clothing you are wearing as well. And to add insult to injury, as horrid as they are, they are a necessity unless you plan to wear regular jeans unzipped and unbuttoned.

2) The pregnancy “glow” is not a lovely outward shining of love and contentment. It’s oil. And grease. And punctuated with zits. And black circles under your eyes from the lack of sleep. It’s not all that pretty.

3) Not everyone feels sweet butterfly wing movement. I hear all these people talk about baby movement as “flutters.” This did not happen. If there were flutters, the only way I would have felt them is by sitting totally still while holding my breath concentrating on my abdomen. And nobody has time for that. And it would probably have been mistaken for gas anyway. No, friends, baby kicks (or in the case of G, punches) feel like pops. Pop, pop, pop. And later on they cannot be mistaken for anything but internal right hooks. To your kidney. And really, honestly truly, baby kicks are cute and fun the first 3 kicks. Then they become annoying and jarring and keep you awake as your rambunctious child jumps on the bed through your belly.

4) The second trimester is not a happy time of beautiful pregnancy bliss. I think the reason the second trimester gets this impression is because it just generally sucks less than the first trimester. During the first trimester you basically spend your time being a slug. A nauseous bloated slug. The nausea and most of the bloating goes away sometime a few weeks into the second trimester but then you get new symptoms. Like Braxton Hicks (not all women get these but yay for me, I do). And if it’s your second+ child, the lovely ability to pee while sneezing, coughing, moving, breathing, etc. You are much less tired than during the first trimester but often during the second (and beyond) sleep totally eludes you. And now that you have to pee every 47 minutes, if you manage to get to sleep at night you won’t be sleeping for long. And then, towards the end of the second trimester you lose the 7% energy increase you had since the 1st trimester and turn back into a slug. A fat, uncomfortable slug.

5) You don’t have to be excited to be pregnant or enjoy pregnancy. Yes, this child is a blessing. Yes, you will love your child. But there is no rule that you have to be over the moon over your body being taken over. God forbid you declare this sentiment in general population though or you will be stoned in the streets and labeled a heretic. By all accounts and purposes, you are expected to be happy and excited and thankful at all times during pregnancy. Even when you are so nauseous you can hardly move. Or you have shooting pains somewhere obnoxious in your body.

I’m sure there are more. There are a lot of things people gloss over about pregnancy to make it look much more glamorous than it really is. Yes, there is a sweet squishy baby at the end. But up until that point, there really aren’t a whole lot of plusses. Pregnancy is merely a means to an end.

Where oh where did 2013 go??

Today is December 1st. *Mom, don’t read the next sentence.* You know what that means: 24 days until Christmas. Or 25… depending on how you count. What?? I’m pretty sure yesterday it was October. Wasn’t it? Where the heck did November go?? The last two weeks have been a blur of the hospital, work, a crazy toddler, and general cleaning and decorating. For those that don’t know, Hubby was in an accident at work two weeks ago (ish). Very long story short he has a broken right foot (mild break) and at least one plate plus some screws holding together his left tibia and fibula right above his ankle where they broke in 7-8 places. So he has basically spent 90% of the last week on the couch (he was in the hospital 4 days before he came home) as he can only be up for a limited time before he starts to have pain.

So, understandably, the last two weeks have been a blur. And now, today is December. My tree is up. It’s nude, but it’s up. I managed to get the fireplace decorated yesterday. I still have the banister to finish and the totes to clean up. Plus the tree. Oh the tree.

But my little boy, my sweet G, is worth every piece of garland and glitter I put up. His sweet face lights up and he leans forward and says “Oooh” so sweetly any time he sees a new decoration. Or any time we turn the tree lights on. He is so full of wonder (and mischief) and wants so badly to touch everything. And eat the glittered things.

Today we went to a Christmas parade. We went to one last year but he wasn’t very interested. This year he fully enjoyed the floats and the people. He waved and clapped and said “hi!” He looked so grown up in his little fleece vest, reindeer hat, and Levi’s. And that’s the main problem with entire months being left behind. My sweet precious tiny boy is growing up and it’s happening too fast. If I miss a whole month, what else did I miss?

Stinky Baby Breath

I’m sitting here at 11pm rocking my 20 month old who woke up screaming bloody murder and couldn’t calm himself. I’m so tired and worn out and had literally just crawled into bed and gotten comfortable when he woke up. I only got about 3 hours of sleep last night and I worked today so I was looking forward to bed. But I’m sitting here, with my sweet boy finally sleeping on my shoulder, smelling his stinky sleepy baby breath (when did it turn stinky?? It used to smell so sweet!), and relishing every second. Every cuddle, every snore, every time his little hand pats my skin. Because soon my belly will be too big for him to sit like this. Soon I’ll be in the hospital and spending the first nights away from him ever. Soon he’ll grow up and won’t need momma to rock him. So even though I’m tired and I desperately want to sleep, I will be thankful for this time – these little moments where I can calm and comfort him. And smell his stinky sleepy baby breath.

It’s that time again.

I know it’s been ages since you’ve heard from me. I have taken a hiatus. That was unplanned. And long. And a LOT has happened. Holy moly, a lot has happened. Are you ready?

I’m pregnant. I know. You’re shocked. Seems like just yesterday I was pregnant with G. Except it wasn’t yesterday, it was two years ago. As in not last year, but the year before. So yeah, basically yesterday. Right now I’m 11 weeks along and G is 20 months old. Things weren’t exactly planned this way. I had really wanted to wait another year or so before we tried to have another. God had different plans for us. So in 7 months Gavin will be a big brother. Now, you should feel special, because we have not announced it to the rest of the world, so don’t spill the beans!

So, how have I been with this? Do you remember a post from my last pregnancy? Pretty early on, listing some crappy pregnancy stuff? No? Well, here’s a quick link . Basically everything I mentioned in that post rings completely true in this pregnancy so far. Except maybe #3. I have constant drainage. Sometimes my nose runs, but for the past two weeks, it’s just been gallons of snot running down the back of my throat. Yum. Goes great with my super sensitive gag reflex and violent nausea. 

The nausea hit about the same time it did with G. And it was bad. Really really bad. Plus I had a harder time since my incredibly ridiculous prescription insurance deemed my anti-nausea meds “not safe” and would only pay for 24 tablets every 23 days. If I spread them out and only take them during the day, that’s a 12 day supply. Not knowing they wouldn’t pay for them more often, I started out taking the meds 3 a day which resulted in my going without meds for two terribly miserable weeks. We (meaning Husband) ended up finding a prescription discount card and was able to get me extra pills for a much lower price than the $5 a pill they normally run. So now my nausea is doing much better (I still have bad days but I feel less like barfing on a constant basis) and I’d be feeling a lot better overall if it weren’t for the rivers of snot. It’s so gross. *hurk*

Other than that it’s the typical pregnancy stuff. Exhaustion, weird crampy things, serious food aversions, complete indecision on anything that actually sounds good to eat, weird cravings (there was an orange juice addiction at one point), and the constant fat feeling. Oh yeah, and the total inability to control my emotions.

The other problem is because this wasn’t planned I am not prepared mentally to have two kids. I have mini panic attacks at random times when I realize this time next year I’ll have an almost 3 year old and a 7 month old. And I freak out. Because I realize I have no clue how to get a 7 month old and a toddler into a store at the same time. And how do you put both kids in the car at the same time? And I have to have a new car because mine most definitely will not fit two carseats. And do we get G new furniture and move him into a new room and give Baby his room? Or do I keep G in his room and set up a new nursery? Either way it’s a new set up of furniture. And once the new baby comes, will I ever get to sleep again?? Because I KNOW… I KNOW that this kid will be the one who wants to get up and play at 6am while G sleeps til 10. I just know it. And what if the new baby isn’t sweet and snuggly and cuddly? What if this baby just wants to be left alone? And, then of course, what if this pregnancy ends like the last one? What if this baby shows up early? How do I split my time? How do I leave either one of my babies alone?

I’m overwhelmed. I keep hoping that clarity and calm will suddenly settle on me and I will be zen and tranquil. But I don’t see that happening anytime soon. I’m pregnant. That is an automatic recipe for crazy.

So if you want to come clean my house or watch G so I can get a pedicure or bring me mini chocolate donuts (preferably from Food Lion or Entenmann’s), I will accept your generosity. If you are more of a behind the scenes person, just send up a prayer for us all. Pray that this baby will hang out longer than G did. Pray that this baby is healthy and whole. Pray that we figure out the right answers to all our questions. If you’d like to come pray WHILE you clean my house, well then my friend, you are more than welcome.