Bringing Home Baby… Or Bringing Baby Home… Or Buying a House for the Baby

We think we’ve found a house! We’ve actually put an offer on the house and are working on the financing and logistics at the moment. We’ve been looking forever and when we walked in we both really liked it. There are a few drawbacks, but the price is good and the layout is nice.

It’s a 5 bedroom, 3 1/2 bath. The master is downstairs and has a nice large bathroom with a good sized walk-in closet. All the bedrooms are carpeted, but the rest of the downstairs is hardwood. One drawback is there is not a formal dining room which I’ve wanted after not being able to fit more than 4 people at our current table. But the space, considered a breakfast area, is large enough for a 6 person table. If we get one with a leaf then we can always expand it when company comes over. There are 4 bedrooms upstairs, 3 of which have walk-in closets. The 4th bedroom has a standard closet but has it’s own bath. Makes for a great guest room. And if my brother and sister-in-law ever decide to move up here they can have their own room while they look for a place to live. =) There is a linen closet in the master bathroom and another one upstairs. This is particularly thrilling to me because our current house has no closets to speak of. There is also a 19×8 room at the top of the stairs which will be perfect for storage. There is also attic space but I like the idea of having my decorations and other items more readily accessible.

The biggest drawback is the size of the lot. It’s only .18 acres and my husband really wanted at least 1/2 an acre. We really didn’t want to be so close to our neighbors after living in this neighborhood. But where the house is is mostly undeveloped. The builder got foreclosed on so only three houses are in the “subdivision.” The house we like is surrounded by empty lots. We are hoping it will stay this way for a few years. And, if someone DOES come in and purchase a lot, they will more than likely not purchase a lot directly next to an existing house with so many lots available.

So now we wait. We pray the financing goes through and this is the right house for us. Everything has worked out so well so far I can only believe that God is steering us this direction.

Good thing is, if we do get this house and my family does come for Christmas, my little sister won’t have to sleep on the stairs.


One thought on “Bringing Home Baby… Or Bringing Baby Home… Or Buying a House for the Baby

  1. Lauren says:


    two guesses to what that goes to.

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