The tunnel has light!

So I’m feeling a little better these days… Not a lot better, mind you, but some better than I was feeling. I’m down to one Zofran a day for the most part and I’m have less “bad” days and more ok days. I’m also finding I’m a little less tired at the end of the day. I actually managed to make dinner twice this week and neither was hamburger helper. The baby requested lasagna and meatball subs. I actually made those on consecutive nights. You should be astounded and amazed. You should be doing the touchdown dance for me right now. Tonight the baby requested banana bread. I’m serious. I was walking by the bananas and suddenly thought “Aha! Banana bread sounds delicious!” Total telepathy from the baby. So I obliged.

In other news, my nails look great. So besides the little monkey I’m creating, there is an upside. I’m not sure if it balances out the pizza-face look I’ve been sporting, but it is the only benefit my body is receiving at the moment. My feet hurt and my back is killing me on a regular basis. And I pee every 2 hours. Sometimes in the night I manage to sleep a whole 3 hours in between bathroom trips. Pretty exciting when that happens.

Now I just need to drum up the energy to pack. Why can’t I just load everything into the car in piles? Why does it have to go in boxes? It’s only going across town. And not even a big town. *sigh* Yeah, I probably need to figure out the energy thing. I think that would require me to stop working though. Which isn’t really an option either if I’d like to continue to pay for this new house. So back to the drawing board. Anyone wanna come pack for me? And maybe make me dinner too? And throw in a foot rub for good measure?


One thought on “The tunnel has light!

  1. ranwanimator says:

    Trust me when I say you must pack everything in boxes. Pack it all up like you’re moving cross country. I know it sounds like more work, but if you don’t you will have shovel loads of random crap to move and THAT is no fun. Ask me how I know.

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