Mondays are stupid, but here’s a picture.

I haven’t been doing well the last two weeks. I haven’t done anything about my work situation; mainly because I can’t talk about it without crying. And I’ve done an awful lot of that lately. Saturday I spent all day crying. Actually, sobbing is more accurate. It started out with one thing and just got worse from there.

Yesterday I didn’t do too badly, but I ended up not sleeping for more than 45 minutes at a time last night. I was scheduled to be at work at 5am so I went to bed around 9. And I was still awake at 10:30… and 11:30 (when I finally left our bedroom and went upstairs to toss and turn in the guest bedroom)… and then was still awake at 1:30am. So I gave up on the idea that I would be getting to work on time and worried more about getting some sleep. And then I apparently fell asleep at some point because I woke up somewhere in the 3’s and then again around 4am when I called work to tell them I was going to be late. I left the how late part unsaid. I ended up getting out of bed around 8:30am after continuing my streak of off and on sleeping. I made it to work 5+ hours late and felt like poop all day.

On a more positive note, I got a tiny bit more accomplished on one of my Christmas present plans. And my maternity clothes from Old Navy came. PLUS they all fit… except one pair of pants I wasn’t sure were going to fit anyway. Now if it would just get colder so I can wear the lovely long sleeved shirts I got.

Since I haven’t posted any belly pictures so far, I will gift you one now. This was taken last week at 16 weeks, 6 days.


I still haven’t felt the baby move – I’ve tried paying attention really hard but haven’t felt anything I could attribute to baby. But apparently this can happen anytime between a week ago and 3 weeks from now. But hopefully next Monday we will get to see the baby move and… find out whether we are pink or blue! If so, then Mondays will not be stupid next week. Well, after-work Mondays will not be stupid. The work part will still be.


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