Symptoms, curiosities, and decisions.

For the last few days I have been plagued with severe calf cramps. I believe this is another one of those things people forget to tell you until after you’ve already started experiencing them. I’ve had calf cramps off and on for the last few weeks but it was the worst the last few days. Not a whole lot seems to help either.

Another new thing is not being able to breathe after I eat. It’s like between the baby, his accoutrements, and my stomach, there is no longer any room for my lungs. So it’s either breathe and starve or gasp for air and eat. If you even know me a tiny bit you’ll know which one I choose. I mean, gotta feed the baby, right? Also, when I tie my shoes I notice that I’m having trouble catching my breath too. Too bad I can’t wear flip flops to work.

An interesting thing I’ve noticed in the past week or so is my belly will get really tight and hard sometimes. I’m guessing it’s when little man is shifting around. I don’t feel him moving, just feel a hard knot on my belly. The other night when I laid down to sleep I couldn’t seem to get comfortable. I kept trying to adjust my nightgown and pajama pants until I realized the problem was me. Well, in me. He had shifted over to the left side and was pressing into the bed. It took a few minutes for him to shift away. I told TJ I think it’s time to get a belly pillow.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned that Holly is very attached to me these days. If I’m on the couch she’s on my lap or sitting next to me. She’s very proprietary of me and prefers to lay on my belly if she can. If I have the laptop on my lap (usually I’m reclined on the chaise part of the couch – especially now after I eat) she has taken to laying across my arms since she can’t get to my lap. I’m waiting for her to get kicked a few times to see how she reacts. She’s also become very jealous of Powell and doesn’t really like it when he’s around me or getting attention from me.

So, in light of the fact that the shower is only two months away, we have been trying to finish our registry and have gotten stuck on the stroller aspect. We started out at Babies ‘R’ Us who had about 15 strollers total and then went to Target who had about 7. Then,  tonight, we went to Buy Buy Baby. It’s a baby store that’s owned by Bed Bath and Beyond and has tons and tons of baby stuff. They had about 60 strollers. At least. There are travel systems, three-wheeled strollers, strange space-aged orbiting strollers, and $1500 strollers that I couldn’t even afford to push. You can get a stroller that holds an infant carseat or one that comes with it. Some of them fold up one-handed, some of them are lightweight, some of them lie flat, and some of them have adjustable height handles. Seriously, I had no idea it would be this hard. We like the maneuverability of the 3-wheeled strollers but they are a little big and often bulky.  You have to look for construction, wheels, the storage at the bottom, the ease of taking the infant carrier in and out, the weight, how big it is, how it folds/unfolds, and of course, how much it is. So some we liked but felt “cheap,” others seemed really nice but had one or two crappy things that might be deal breakers, some folded badly… I’m telling you, I felt like my brain might explode. So we thought going there might help us decide and I think I feel just more overwhelmed. So we are no closer to picking a stroller than before. I guess we have a few more months to figure things out. But if you have any wonderful advice to give regarding strollers (or any other baby gear for that matter) please feel free to share it!


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