NICU Day #5

My handsome little man is currently breathing on his own! Ok, he is getting oxygen from the air on his own. The oxygen is completely turned off (he’s still getting the humidity and room air) and he is doing very well with it. He does have a little bit of apnea (he stops breathing for a few seconds at a time) but they are not super concerned as it is not happening often. They will watch it and see if it resolves itself before treating it. The treatment is giving him a little dose of caffeine. I offered to provide some caffeinated milk but I don’t think that’s the general idea.

The arterial lines from his umbilical cord are gone now as they no longer needing to draw his blood gasses frequently. He will keep his pulse-oximeter on his foot (glow foot) and his PICC line is still in as well as his feeding tube.

He is not digesting milk consistently. He gets 2ml every 3 hours and usually digests one feeding out of every 3 or 4. The Dr. suggested giving him 4ml at a time to try and stretch his tummy and maybe allow him to digest part of what they are giving him out of that. Pray that he starts to digest the milk more often as he needs that to help move the meconium out of his system and get him on track to breastfeed.

The other current concern is that he has not lost any weight yet. You’d think that would be good as he’s so little but it means that he has not moved any of the excess fluids out of his body and lungs. Again, they are hoping now he will start to process that since they aren’t introducing a bunch of foreign things into him but if he doesn’t the treatment is to give him a diuretic to help flush everything out.

All in all we are so lucky that he came when he did and is doing so well. He still has to learn to digest his milk, get to 5lbs, not have any breathing issues for 7 days, and consistently feed (breast or bottle) before he can go home. We still have a ways to go but I thank God we are where we are and not a few weeks ago where things would have turned out much differently.


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