NICU Day #6

Baby G had 8ml of milk yesterday! Yay! When they checked this morning he had not processed the previous feeding, but we are making process. He has gained 5oz which is good and bad. He still needs to lose weight to show he is getting rid of the extra fluids in his lungs and in his body but his jaundice level is down and he’s doing very well. Keep us in your prayers as we are trying to not get our hopes up too much with how well he is doing. The nurses all think he’s great and we have one that has requested to be his primary nurse. Which means all 3 12-hour shifts she works each week will always be with him and she will follow him through the different stages.

I’m doing well with the pumping with the exception of it being truly exhausting. I got to hold him again twice yesterday and Husband got to kangaroo with him for the first time last night as well. It was so sweet to see and a little funny as Baby G kept pulling his chest hair.

We still have a long road ahead physically and emotionally. I’m not getting to rest as much as I probably should be but am trying to take it easy as to not overdo it and strain my incision. I am that person you see being wheeled through the store in a wheelchair. In her yoga pants. But it makes it easier on me so I’m not as overtired or over sore at the end of the day. Off for now and back to the hospital via the store as the pantry is empty and there are still things I need to pick up.


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