NICU Day #7

Baby G is back to his birth weight after a day of some good wet and poopy diapers. He’s been doing so well on the breastmilk they have increased his feedings to 8ml every three hours. Just to think we were so excited he had 8ml total just a few days ago. He is showing rooting reflexes and has been sucking well on his feeding tube and sometimes a pacifier. Today one of the nurses told me he acts like an “older” baby.

His temperature probe was removed today as he is doing well maintaining his temperature on his own. His breathing is still doing well and there is talk of turning his “bubbles” down another notch but they aren’t in a hurry to do it quite yet.

He’s still pretty feisty and likes to get his hands and feet out of his swaddles and loves to get in the nurses’ way when they are trying to do something with him.

We are a little frustrated with the mixed messages and different philosophies of the many nurses. Some are ok with “hand hugs” at any time and always allow us to help during his assessments while others practically shut us out and won’t let us touch while he’s sleeping. It’s confusing and stressful and I never quite know what I’m supposed to do and when. I feel awkward standing there doing nothing and simply looking at him is hard for me. I have a desperate desire to touch my baby and let him know I’m there.

Please pray for our strength; physically, emotionally, and mentally. It’s only been a week and I just don’t know how we could ever make it through without God’s help and the support of our family and friends.


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