NICU Day #8

Baby G is up to 14ml of milk per feeding and is sucking on his fingers, the feeding tube, and his paci. He has gained two ounces and his diapers have started to be more full and less “tarry.” He is completely off his “bubbles” and doing very well breathing well on his own. He has a few drops in his blood oxygen level every so often but quickly redeems himself, which is what they are looking for.

A nurse said again tonight that Baby G acts like an “older baby” with his mannerisms and actions. He loves to smile and makes the best faces. The nurses love to watch him. He loves being on his tummy and they will have to break him of that before he comes home as they are not supposed to tummy sleep. But as of right now it helps him digest his food a little better and keep it down as the esophageal muscle near his stomach is lazy and won’t always work to keep the milk in his tummy. Gravity helps.

Tonight the Husband and I got to sponge bathe our little guy and I got to put his first outfit on him. If I’d have known, I would have brought some of the cute things my cousin sent him but I figured while I had the chance I would jump on it, even though the outfit we put him in wasn’t nearly as cute as the ones I will be washing and taking in tomorrow. He was sooo cute during his “bath” and only fussed a few times. I got to pick up him and hold him for a few minutes while the nurse changed the bedding underneath him. He is such a sweet sweet baby and I can’t get over how much I love him. Being able to do all that tonight was so awesome and I can’t wait for the next bath day. I just hope we have a good nurse that night who includes us as much as the one tonight did.

Twice today when he was getting a diaper change he decided to poop on the clean shiny diaper. He did this for Grandmom and for Mommy. When Daddy was bathing him (Daddy got the bottom half, I got the top half) he peed all over the washcloth. He’s a little stinker but at least he’s going potty regularly. He’ll get his bilirubin levels checked again tomorrow to check for jaundice and tomorrow at 9:00am he will get 16ml of milk if he has taken all his feedings through the night. They will continue to up his milk 2ml every 12 hours until he is taking 31ml at a feeding. It seems so much to me right now that he could eat that much when a few days ago he was barely processing 2ml at a time. Soon we should be able to start trying to introduce the breast and transition him from feeding tube to nursing. I’m excited about this. Mostly because I can’t wait to feed him myself and have that experience, but also because I loathe pumping continually.

We continue to be blessed in his progress and care. Even though he’s doing so well it’s still so hard to leave him there and come home without him. I think it’s even harder knowing he’s doing so well but that he’s just not quite there yet. There is always the risk of him backsliding but we’ll just have to deal with that if or when it happens. Keep us in your prayers and I’ll keep you updated on his progress.


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