NICU Day #10

Baby G has graduated to the Glass Room. There are 3 rooms total and the next step after the Glass Room is Intermediate. The Intermediate room is the stepping stone to home. It’s generally where babies hang out and get over that last hurdle, whether it’s weaning off oxygen or getting all their feedings from breast or bottle.

We’re not super thrilled about the Glass Room as it’s very exposed and not nearly as nice as his last “room.” We’ll also lose a few really great nurses as they will stay in the first room with their primary baby. Hopefully the new nurses are as good as most of the ones we’ve had before.

{Evening Update} Baby G’s cannula and PICC line have been removed! He apparently has inherited my sensitivity to adhesives as his little face almost looks like it has burns on it from where the cannula was taped to his face. No wonder he continually yanked at it – it probably itched like crazy. Makes me hurt for my little guy. He also became very agitated about having the tape around his PICC line removed and cried pitifully which also broke my heart. But now the only thing he has on him are his heart/respiration leads, his feeding tube, and his pulse-ox.

The room he is in has 4 other babies – all boys and all are in cribs except for Baby G. So we’re hoping the peer pressure gets to him and he makes the transition up to a big boy crib sometime soon.

We tried the “Lick and Learn” again today. They have me pump first as his reflex to suck, swallow and breathe all at once isn’t developed yet so they don’t really want him getting any more than just a drop of milk. He did well again today, latching well and sucking pretty strongly a few times. Apparently it was hard work because when I laid him on my chest to kangaroo he passed out for at least an hour and a half. It’s my favorite time of the day, just holding his little body against mine. Seeing his sweet face makes the exhaustion and the running around and the sore nipples (sorry guys) all worth it.

He had one breathing episode today where his blood oxygen level dropped pretty low but he brought it back up on his own. Scared me a little as I was holding him but the nurse didn’t seem too concerned so I didn’t panic. At some point they’ll move the feeding tube to his nose but they will wait until they are more confident that he won’t need the cannula back before they do.


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