NICU Day #9 Recap

Baby G is still “drinking” all his milk so they continue to increase it every 12 hours. With the increase in milk, his IV fluids go down. Once he gets to his goal of 30-32ml of milk each feeding, the PICC line won’t be long for this world. Once the PICC line is removed, he can graduate from just onesies up to pants! Whoo!

As of last night he weighed 3lbs 9oz. He seems to be gaining an ounce a day so he’ll be a big boy in no time. He is so sweet and incredibly expressive. The nurses just love him and love to watch his sweet face. He smiles a lot and is very alert during assessment times and often when he first gets laid on my chest for kangaroo time.

Yesterday afternoon we got to try introducing him to the breast, and he did very well. They call this “Lick and Learn.” Basically they want to see how he does when put near the nipple and he was so cute and “latched” right on. I say that loosely as he did put his mouth over my nipple but it wasn’t quite the right positioning. But this will get better and he is showing interest and showed that he could suck and knew a little what to do. The goal wasn’t to get anything out, just to figure out what he was doing. They were very pleased with his attempt.

All in all I had him out of his bed in my arms for about 2 1/2 hours yesterday afternoon. Between the lick and learn, kangarooing, and then pumping while holding him, that was by far the longest I have gotten to hold him and it was nice because I was able to shift him around without interference or help. The nurse yesterday pretty much handed him to me and went about her business. I love the nurses that don’t hover and hang about.

As of last night they were still weaning him off the cannula which at that point was just introducing moist air into his nostrils as a gentle reminder to breathe. He is doing so well with his breathing they had been starting to wean him throughout the day. I believe the goal was to make it off by this morning but if that doesn’t happen I won’t complain because he is doing so well. My little man is a miracle and he’s strong. Everyone marvels at his progress and his determination. He is a perfect gift from God and I believe he is doing so well due to the massive outpouring of prayers he is getting from our family, friends, and their family and friends. We are truly blessed and at some point someday hope to help out the NICU and the other families with whatever we can do.


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