NICU Day #12

Fun Fact: Gilderoy Lockhart works at the Hospital. We see him often in the cafeteria. We have not yet gotten the courage to snap his picture but his bouncy curly hair gives him away.

So my incision has been bothering me and since I’ve never had a C-section before and I’m not really sure what to expect, I called the Dr. today and they had me come in just to be on the safe side. I hated to rush out and leave Gavin but unwanted to be sure everything was ok. The Dr. said everything looked fine and I was probably more sore due to all my activity instead of getting to rest.

When we got back we headed to Baby G’s spot (Pod #33 in the Glass Room) and he was gone. I simply said, “Oh… My baby’s gone.” In the two hours we were gone they moved Baby G up to the final, Intermediate, room. Here he will stay until he goes home. No specific milestone put him here – basically he was the most stable of the last room and they needed the spot for a Stage 1 baby to move up. But it’s quieter and more secluded in this new spot (Pod 11) so I hope he’ll do well!

As of last night Baby G weighed 3lbs 10oz and this morning was increased to 28ml of milk each feeding. His oxygen was lowered to half of what he was put on yesterday and he will probably go off the oxygen again tomorrow. Please pray that he does well with it and that they pay good attention to his monitor as we think the new monitor he has seemed to be doing strange things today and since there are 4 babies to each nurse in that room and a lot of those babies take bottles, requiring a little more attention from the nurses. So we just want to make sure he has as much attention as he did in the previous rooms.

Today when I was kangaroo’ing with him he never really went to sleep but was picking his little head up off my chest while I was leaned back in the chair. At one point he was facing my right shoulder and he picked his head up and turned it to the left shoulder and then picked it up and turned it back. In the middle of each turn he stopped to nuzzle my chest. We tried a little Lick and Learn again tonight while he was rooting and nuzzling about and he latched and sucked a few times but was pretty preoccupied filling a diaper so it wasn’t as effective as I would have liked it to be. But we have nothing but time at this point as they keep saying it will be another week to week and a half before he really starts to get it. But he’s been so advanced so far that I’ve been hoping he’ll catch on a little faster.

The Grandmothers have been able to hold Baby G now and both are totally thrilled. Hand hugging him doesn’t really give you a good scale of him, but holding him really allows you to realize just how tiny he is. But he’s so sweet and so wonderful and precious it’s hard not to just stare at his tiny face and kiss his darling little lips.


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