I’ll Give it 2 Stars

I knew that when I gave birth I would be staying in the hospital for a few days. We had planned to tour the hospital and the new maternity wing and get familiar with where we were to go, what would happen, and what to expect. Yet another thing I didn’t get to do. I had already sent in my registration in order to make the process easier (which didn’t seem to help me much as they still asked me all the same questions when I showed up that day) and I had begun thinking about getting our bags packed just in case. I guess I didn’t start thinking about it soon enough.

My room wasn’t bad… just not what I had expected. The rooms that you give birth in are larger and have a nicer bathroom than the “C-Section” rooms. My bed adjusted nicely, except it did weird things on it’s own, like inflating and deflating the strange air mattress it had on it. I would adjust it the way I wanted and then a few minutes later it would do it’s own thing. My guess is that it did this to help patients avoid bed sores and help keep them moving around for circulation purposes, but I don’t think it was quite necessary in this area of the hospital. The result was when I was not in bed I had the strange feeling of being on land after being on a ship. I always seemed to be feeling the movement of the bed. I did have my husband bring my own pillow which helped as their pillow was a misshapen pile of stuffing and wouldn’t have adequately supported much.

Speaking of my husband. These rooms have small bench sofas that fold out into beds. My poor husband described sleeping on this “bed”  in the terms of sleeping on a rock. He said it was quite possibly the most uncomfortable thing he’s ever slept on. I told him at least he didn’t have to sleep flat on his back.

The bathroom was decent with a nice shower stall that sported a rain showerhead directly above and a handheld wand. I never used the rain showerhead as it seemed awkward to me to have water pouring down directly on my head but the wand was very helpful to me as I was showering with some restricted movement. I can tell you that first shower I took on Monday afternoon after they removed the IV was heavenly. So was putting on something other than the hospital gown.

The nurses I had were all pretty great even if they woke me up every few hours the first two nights to check my blood pressure and temperature. By the third night I got smart and told them to leave me alone and I would call them when I woke up to pump so they could come in then. That worked out a lot better. I still didn’t get great amounts of sleep but it was much better than the nurses coming at opposite times than I pumped. The only thing that didn’t fit into my plan was the doctors showing up around 6:30am every morning. Usually they had to shake me awake and it still took me a minute to process who they were and why they were there.

The food, for the most part, was not tasty. There was a menu I found out on day 3 or so, but you had to call it in way ahead of time and there wasn’t a whole lot on it that sounded delicious. I also realized that telling them NOT to bring you food also didn’t help. So most of what they brought me I didn’t eat. I hated wasting it but I wasn’t going to eat something that just looked very unappetizing. Especially when everyone else was eating things that looked better.

Overall the room and the stay weren’t terrible. I was glad to get home to my own bed, but I really hated to leave the hospital and the easy access to my baby. It was nice for everyone to have a place to go and sit when not in the NICU as the waiting room out front was full of the loud and obnoxious unwashed masses. Ok, some of them might have washed but they were still generally loud and obnoxious. It was also nice to not have to use the nasty horrible bathrooms in Hell’s Waiting Room because they are filthy all the time. And it was nice to  have someone on call if I needed something or had questions about my incision or any pains/side effects I was having. Oh, and the ice machine. I loved the ice machine. Hated to leave that, too.


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