NICU Day #14

Baby G was 3lbs 12oz at his weigh-in last night. They have started adding Human Milk Fortifier to my milk in his feedings a few days ago in order to add more calories and protein to my milk. He is up to his current goal of 32ml per feeding. This will increase as his weight does but we hope they will wait a few days to give his tummy time to adjust and get used to the increased volume before adding more milk to his feeds again. Baby G’s feeding tube has been changed out and now there is a small tube through his nose underneath the cannula. Hopefully this will help with the breastfeeding practice.

Today while I was kangaroo’ing with him he lifted his head off my chest by about an inch and then turned his head from one side to the other while his head was lifted. The other day when he moved his head from one side to the other he did it by rolling his head from side to side. I still can’t get over how strong he is and how much stronger he is every day. The new nurses all comment on how alert he is and how he acts so advanced. He is a wonder.

He also was rooting a lot and “tasting” me while he was on my chest. Apparently I’m pretty tasty. It’s amazing to me that he knows my scent and can more than likely smell the milk even when up on my chest. We attempted Lick and Learn again and he latched but spent a few times biting me before he sucked. Which, dear friends, did not feel wonderful. But honestly it will be worth it once he’s breastfeeding regularly. I feel almost a desperation to be able to do more for him. And I hate pumping.

The last few days when we have checked his temperature he has ran around 37.2 Celsius. The range they want him to be in is between 36.5 – 37 degrees C so this means his isolette is warming him too much. He is doing well enough on his own that he will more than likely be in an open crib within the next week. This both is exciting (another step up) and frightening for me. After all this time in an isolette I feel like an open crib is so exposed.

Pray for my little guy to be interested in breastfeeding and to catch on quickly. He has to be able to take all his feedings by bottle or breast before he goes home while still gaining weight and keeping his oxygen and heart rate up. Seems like a daunting task for such a little guy. But he’s strong and he’s a fighter and he’s got a lot of prayers helping him along.


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