NICU Day #15

Baby G has a new bed today. This bed is a step down from his old “Giraffe” and is less warming. Personally I think it just looks old. The mechanism that allows the platform he lays on to raise and lower is a knob and doesn’t perform it’s job smoothly. If you don’t guide it with your hand it “drops” little bits but it’s enough to scare Baby G and I hate it when he flails his arms like he’s falling. Hurts my heart. The Giraffe beds are generally reserved for the less stable babies as it heats them more efficiently and their weight can be taken while inside the bed. This new bed also requires cleanings less often so they are pretty sure he’ll be in an open crib before this one requires cleaning (which means he gets a whole new bed – apparently his last Giraffe was at least his second if not third one of those).

His cannula has been removed again and he seems to be doing well. This new room doesn’t use the same monitors as the previous two and these monitors are much more sensitive so his oxygen level alarm goes off WAY more than it did prior to this room. Very annoying. And concerning as they are so used to the various alarms in here that they don’t pay as much attention to them. We are concerned that if he legitimately D-Sats then who will know.

I have to say I’m proud of myself today for not bursting into tears or freaking out on someone when I saw my sweet boy’s face. Where they had removed the tape from the cannula he had an angry red patch on one side but the other side had two little open sores. The tape literally took his skin off. I had a conversation with the RN assigned to him and told her I was very upset with that and I expected them to 1) not use that type tape again and 2) be much more careful when removing adhesives from his skin.

In addition to his little booboos, his right eye is goopy and slightly swollen. The RN said this could be caused by a clogged tear duct and they will massage it several times a day to see if they can loosen the clog. I’ve cleaned it out already 3 times because he is having trouble opening that eye.

Other than that he seems to be doing well. Trying the Lick and Learn process everyday just to get him used to it. He’s still biting me but the lactation consultant gave me a few more ideas to help that. So we’ll try again tomorrow!

Please pray that he catches onto the breastfeeding and does well with it. The RN said most of these preemies will go home doing about 50% of their feedings by breast and the rest by bottle, switching over to solely breast around when they would have been term. He is up to 35ml on his feeds so I think I’ll be taking home a little butterball when the time comes. I was actually hoping he’d come home in his cute preemie clothes for a bit since we have quite a few cute things for him to wear. But it’s wonderful that he has his own stuff to wear here. He’s much more stylish in his own duds. 🙂


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