NICU Day #16

Tonight Baby G weighed 3lbs 14.8oz! My little boy is getting so big! He is still off the oxygen and doing very well. He is maintaining his temperature very well and Nurse R said he might end up moving to a big boy open crib tonight! He’s progressing so well!

A few days ago they started adding Human Milk Fortifier (HMF) to my milk in Baby G’s feeds. This is basically added calories, iron, and vitamins to help him gain weight faster. He seemed to be doing well on the HMF and the increased feeds, generally only having about 2ml of residual milk left in his belly at the next feeding. At his 6pm feed they added in something they call Pro Pass which is basically just added protein. Tonight when we got back after shift change I noticed he had milk bubbles on his lips so I suctioned out some milk that was in his mouth. A little later he actually spit up for the first time that we’ve seen. When his tube was checked he ended up having close to 4ml of residual milk left over which he hasn’t had in a long time. A long time is relative in the NICU by the way. So anyway, she said that the spitting up and the residual milk could mean that he isn’t tolerating the Pro Pass. She will monitor him throughout the night to see if he does better but if he doesn’t they will have to discontinue the added protein.

Baby G got another bath tonight and I pretty much did the whole thing by myself. The only help we asked the nurse for was to make sure the water was a good temperature. He was so cute in his little Rubbermaid tub (ok, so it’s not actually made by Rubbermaid but it is a plastic tub) in his little wet blanket. He was pretty calm throughout the bath, only “crying” a few times. I put crying in parentheses because he doesn’t actually cry. He says “waah waah waah” and then he’s pretty much done. I also got to weigh him tonight on my own on the big boy scale. He comes completely out of his bed (naked as a jay-bird) and gets laid in the scale. I don’t think he likes it much as he sticks his feet and arms straight out like he’s trying to get his balance. But he looked so cute with his little naked self on there!

I’ve been so exhausted that I think tomorrow I will go back to sleep after my morning pumping. It’ll put me at the hospital later but I really need the extra sleep. Hopefully my sweet boy won’t miss me too much.


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