NICU Day #17

Baby G has moved to an open crib! As of this afternoon he is maintaining his temperature well. He is still having some trouble spitting up and having residual milk left over so they are still concerned with the possibility of reflux and him not tolerating the Pro Pass. This morning he had almost 5ml left. At his 3pm feeding he had very little but she increased the time the milk takes to empty from it’s container to see if that helps with the reflux.

His eye looks like it’s getting a little better though. There were very few “crusties” when I got here and it seems a little less swollen.

Other than that there’s not much to report so far today. Everyone comments on his cute little clothes (today he has little pants on) and how handsome he is. We haven’t gotten to try Lick and Learn since Monday because he is always sleeping when it would be time to try. Hopefully I can get him interested tomorrow though as there will be a lactation consultant here.

Please pray for me as I’m having a lot of stress from external things I shouldn’t have to be dealing with right now. I’m already run down and emotional and I don’t need the added worry.


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