NICU Day #18

Baby G weighs 4lbs 1.5oz tonight! He is still at 35ml per feeding and doing better with digesting the Pro Pass as he’s not spitting up much or having much residual milk left over. He is still having some reflux and had a genuine Brady (drop in heartrate) today which, while frustrating, is still considered normal at this point. He doesn’t have them very often but if he continues to have them once he starts breast/bottle feeding it could keep him from going home.

His right eye is looking much better and I hope it continues to clear. I also hope his left eye doesn’t follow.

I’m trying to be patient, but I’m feeling very anxious about the breastfeeding thing. I know he isn’t quite ready yet but I’m still chomping at the bit to get the process started.

He is such a sweet baby. I could just look at his face all day long. I love watching his expressions change and love his bright eyes.


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