NICU Day #19

Tonight Baby G is 4lbs 2.6oz. He was very alert this evening so we tried a little Lick and Learn and he did very well. He was very interested and latched several times. I know he’s not quite ready to breastfeed yet but every time he shows interest and tries it gives me hope.

He has moved yet again to a new pod (#18 this time) as they needed his space for a baby that will probably need isolation. His old pod was the most secluded in the room so it is the best option for that baby. His new pod is a little larger and after we figured out that the light was making a terrible high-pitched squealing noise and turned it off, it’s not so bad.

He is up to 37ml per feeding and is tolerating it well. The past two days he’s pretty much had no residual milk left over and hasn’t been spitting up. He gets the hiccups a lot but we aren’t really sure if that is normal or if something else is causing it. Tonight he had them bad enough that he was making little squeaky noises with some of the bigger hiccups. I have to say it was really cute.

His nurse tonight, while a sweetie, had a little laugh thing she did that reminded me of Delores Umbridge. “Hem Hem.” Every time she did it that’s all I could picture.

Just a warning… I reserve the right to not put my child down after he comes home for say… 3 or 4 months. I’m also going to have a hard time sharing him with anyone. I have that trouble now, really. He’s mine I tell you! MINE! So I’m going to have to get myself a Moby wrap and strap him in. Then no one can take him from me and I’ll get him all to myself. I’ll figure out the showering thing later.

Ok. That’s pretty selfish and I may change my mind. But at least you have been warned.


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