NICU Day #21

Baby G is 4lbs 5oz tonight! He is gaining between an ounce to an ounce and a half a day which is exactly what they want him to do. He is up to 39ml per feeding and continues to do well with the increased volume.

Today Baby G got to meet his Grandpa South for the first time. It melted my heart to see that tiny little boy cuddled up on the chest of my Daddy. He looked so small in Grandpa’s big hands.

His diaper rash looked worse tonight and actually bled a little. I told the nurse I was concerned about it so she grabbed one of the head nurses to take a look at it. That nurse said his rash looked like it could be a yeast infection and decided to order him up some nystatin which should help clear it up. He has a poopy diaper with pretty much every feed and if he poops right after an assessment when he gets his diaper changed he often sits in it until the next assessment. When I’m there I try to check him more often but they really don’t like to wake him up to change him. I really don’t like him to sit in it.

He was very alert again tonight and did very well with Lick and Learn. He latched on right away and actually did some pretty good sucking and taking less breaks than he has been. It’s hard to know how much he got but we’re pretty sure we heard him swallowing so that’s a great thing. Hopefully now that I’ve figured out his awake times we will progress over the next week. This is big so please pray that he does well and catches on quick!

When I put him back to bed tonight and changed another poopy diaper (he had one right before I got him out, pooping on the clean diaper that was waiting to be closed up after he got weighed), I dressed him and was getting ready to take pictures of tonight’s outfit when Grandmom realized he was wet. He must have peed a flood because it ran out the backside of his diaper, soaking his shirt and his blanket. So we ended up leaving a lot later than originally anticipated. But it’s so hard to leave while he’s bright eyed and alert. He is a joy to hold and look at while he’s sleeping but his alert periods are so much fun.


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