NICU Day #22

Houston, we have liftoff!!

The NICU has a special breastfeeding scale that you use to weigh the baby before and after a breastfeeding session and it will tell you the amount of milk a baby has taken in. So even though he is only 34 weeks and not technically “ready” to breastfeed, after our success last night with him latching and being interested, I decided to try out the scale tonight just to see if he was actually getting anything. We weighed him before our session and then after he had nursed well for about 15 minutes and he had gotten 12ml! That is almost a third of his normal feeding. For our first real try that is great. I’m trying not to get too excited but I thank God for our little win! So our new goal is catching him at his alert and hungry times to get in hopefully two sessions a day.

He weighed 4lbs 6.3oz tonight. My tiny baby has gained a pound in the three weeks he’s been in the NICU. His little belly has started to fill out and his skinny legs are starting to follow. He’s still in his preemie clothes but he probably won’t be for long.


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