NICU Day #25

Baby G has hit the official 4 1/2 pound mark. He weighed 4lbs 8.3oz last night. He only gained half an ounce, but that’s ok because he has been expending a lot more energy trying to breastfeed. Yesterday he got another 12ml around noon but didn’t really get anything the other times we tried. A lot of this is trial and error as I figure out his schedule and what he can do. The fact he is doing a feeding a day at this point is still great due to his age. Hopefully over the next few days to a week he will gain stamina and be able to add in more feedings. Once he does that and has established his latching ability, we will start adding bottle feedings until he is feeding solely from breast or bottle. Then we talk about going home.

Not much else has changed. I suppose no news is good news in this situation. His diaper rash/infection looked better yesterday when I got there. Whether that is from the Nystatin kicking in, taking out the regular wipes, or the nurse airing out his bottom I don’t know. Maybe its a combination. But anyway you go about it, it looks better and I’m happy with that.

Just a little thing about Baby G’s preferences. He really likes to be swaddled, and pretty tightly. I tend to swaddle him tight enough that he can’t move around a lot except to push his feet out, which he likes. Last night Mom was holding him as he was being fed (holding him upright helps the reflux and the burping) and he looked like a cute baby caterpillar.

Another milestone is that Baby G has graduated from Preemie diapers to Newborn diapers. It’s not something they tell you apparently; they just switch them over. I noticed yesterday when the diapers didn’t seem to feel the same. I flipped one over and saw the “N” on the back and realized he had moved up. While this is good, it still makes me sad that my sweet little baby will be a sweet big baby when he comes home. I was kind of looking forward to getting to take home my little tiny boy. Now I’m looking forward to taking home my just little boy. He’s not nearly as tiny anymore, having gained over a pound. I think the sadness is due to the fact he will look so different by the time he comes home. You don’t really get to appreciate them growing or changing while they are there since you miss a lot. As much as I’ve been up there, with the apparatus they have had on him and the moving of beds, etc, as he changes so quickly it’s hard to really catch it all. And we’ve taken a TON of pictures. But I feel like I have to due to him changing so fast. A pound to me is not a lot. But a pound on a 3lb baby is a ton and has changed him so much.

I’m still doing ok emotionally. I think this next week to week and a half is going to be difficult because we’re not “moving” much. The breastfeeding progress will go slow and I’m trying to get myself used to that idea and to not feel anxious about it. I want him home so badly that I have to constantly remind myself that he is doing VERY well for his age and he will get there. He will learn this and he will keep progressing, but he is still early in this part of his journey and still has a ways to go. Keep us in your prayers – the husband and I for strength and understanding and the knowledge of what to do and when to do it and Baby G for his strength and learning and progress.

{Afternoon Update} Today when we got here my sweet baby was swaddled almost up to his ears. His arms were tucked way into the blanket and he looked so peaceful and sweet. Then the nurse told us he had pulled his feeding tube completely out during his morning feed, soaking him and his bed. So she had to change all his bedding and his shirt (which totally doesn’t match his pants) and swaddled him with his arms down as she was taking away his “helping hands.” We have been calling them that for awhile so the nurses are picking up. He loves to help. His hands help change his diaper, change his clothes, they help him nurse, and they help sometimes with his feeding tube. He’s very helpful like that. Today is the first time he’s gotten THAT helpful though. He’s yanked the tube out a few inches but never completely out. The main problem with that is since the infusion was going at the time, milk could have spilled out into places that it shouldn’t be (like his lungs). The nurse listened well and said she didn’t hear anything so he should be good. But there really isn’t a good way to keep him from yanking the tube out. Except for getting it out. Which means all feedings by me or bottle. So hopefully he won’t get too helpful in the future when it comes to that tube.

We had a short nursing session this morning. He only got about 5ml (didn’t weigh him so mainly a guess) as he seemed very sleepy and distracted by some tummy troubles. Preemies don’t do more than one thing at a time well so once he’s latched he seems to do ok until he falls asleep but if he’s trying to go to the bathroom at the same time he generally loses focus on the nursing. But this will improve as he gets older and stronger. But at least he latched and nursed for a bit. It’s still better than nothing and still better than I think they are expecting him to do.


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