NICU Day #27

Baby G got 16ml of milk tonight breastfeeding. Yay! This is good news as he decided to pull his feeding tube out again last night. As long as he does well latching over the next day or so we’ll probably start bottles early next week.

His weight tonight was 4lbs 11.3oz. My little baby is getting so big! We took a trip to Babies ‘R’ Us today and picked up a bunch of things that were left on the registry so we’d have them when Baby G comes home. We are hoping to have his room set up within the next week (even though he won’t be sleeping there for now) so I can get all his things put in his drawers so it is all ready. His carseat is here and the pack ‘n play is set up and ready for him to sleep in it.

They have a freezer full of my milk there (and I have zillions of containers at home) but recently one of the lactation consultants dug through the freezer and found some of my colostrum still in there. She had a little hissy fit and told them they’d better start using that. So now, he’s 4 weeks old and is getting the colostrum he should have gotten in his first week. No wonder he wasn’t gaining weight fast enough. The difference in color between that first milk and the milk now is ridiculous. The colostrum is yellow from all the fats that are in it. Some of the stuff they do just doesn’t make sense.

I am very aware of the other babies in the NICU. Over the last week, several of the babies in our room have gone home and a few more are on their way out. The babies in our room are more stable and have less problems, but we still meet new parents and parents of babies in that first room and we always check progress. Baby G’s “neighbor” in the first room has been in the NICU for at least 5 weeks if not more and is finally gaining weight like he should. We love hearing success stories. Unfortunately they are not all like that. The couple Husband met a week or so ago that had twin girls just lost one. It happened quickly and they aren’t even sure what happened. They had gotten bad news a few days ago and then were given some hope after surgery was performed. Then last night they were called and told she was dying. By the time they got there she was gone. My prayer request right now is for them specifically and also for the other parents of babies who are struggling. My emotional state is sketchy at best these days so I have a hard time hearing and dealing with news like this. I can’t imagine what they are going through or how torn they are about coming up to see their other little girl. Please pray comfort for them and strength and please pray for the sister that is left.


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