NICU Day #29

Today TJ gave Baby G his first bottle. He took 18ml and did pretty well until he got distracted by his insatiable need to immediately fill every clean diaper you put on him. This morning he decided to not even wait until I was done wiping him before he started up again and totally filled the brand new diaper I put on him. He also likes to pee little fountains everywhere (like in the scale) when you have him un-diapered. But anyway, he successfully drank from his bottle and still nursed pretty well (before he passed out) tonight. Tonight was bath night so I think the bath wore him out so that he didn’t last as long breastfeeding as he normally would. He got 10ml from me tonight and around 10 this morning. It was frustrating for me to see him with the bottle. I wanted so badly just to breastfeed him until it was time to go back to work. I know he’s still getting my milk, but I wanted to be the one to give it to him. But I want him to come home and that is the only way.

Tonight will be shot #4 of the Epogen. Today I noticed that they put a little circle bandaid on the spot where the shot goes and he had two on one thigh and one on the other. His little legs are so small there wasn’t much room for any more bandaids. But tonight when we were doing bath I noticed that the two were gone so they must have taken them off to make room for more. They are also giving him iron in conjunction with the Epogen. It is administered through his feeding tube and currently the only side effect seems to be making his poopy diapers smell horrendous. Diapers of death. They have also taken him off the Pro Pass (to see if some of his issues with pottying and reflux resolve) so hopefully he will continue to gain weight without it so they don’t have to put him on something else.

Husband, his Dad, and a good friend of their family set up the nursery furniture yesterday. It looks so nice all together and I can’t wait to find the time to set up everything else. I finally bought a diaper bag today so we are slowly getting stuff together for him to come home. I still have to get my own pump (I have to trade this one in for Baby G) and a pediatrician. These things are slightly more important than putting his clothes away, but not nearly as fun. I mentioned we already have his carseat so we will just need to get the base installed and he will have to pass his carseat test a few days before he goes home.

By this weekend I’m guessing Baby G will hit the 5lb mark. I’m pretty sure it was yesterday that he managed to top 4lbs. Everyday he looks different and even though I know he needs to gain weight I feel like it’s too fast and they are taking my tiny baby and turning him into a giant meatball. I know a 5lb baby is still small but it still seems so quickly that he’s getting so big. Tonight he weighed 4lbs 13.6oz. Today was day two without the Pro Pass and his weight doesn’t seem to be slowing, but the fact that they found a ton of my colostrum in the milk freezer and has been giving it to him probably is helping some too. The lactation consultant had a small freak out when she realized there was colostrum left. She decreed to the nurses that those containers better be used up ASAP as he should have gotten that milk ages ago. They also finally depleted their stash enough there that I was able to take some in from my freezer which is quickly becoming overrun with milk.

I’ll be interested to see tomorrow how Baby G does tonight as far as keeping his temperature up after his bath. Last bath night he didn’t recover well and was cooler than they prefer several hours after. Tonight we quickly dressed him, covered him in a warm blanket then another one, and then Mom held him while I pumped and the nurse changed his bedding out (Mondays are linen change days). I also got a little fleece sleeper outfit from Babies R Us today (for $4 as it didn’t come up in the computer!) to take for him to wear after his next bath in the hopes it will be warm enough to help him keep his temperature up. We will also have to probably do bath earlier in the day so to not interfere with nursing at night until he gets more stamina. Poor sleepy baby.


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