NICU Day #30

This morning we found out that Baby G took two full feedings from bottles last night! He was sacked out when we left last night – he didn’t even protest (or wake up) when the nurse suctioned his nose – so she skipped the midnight feeding (plus he got his 4th shot) and offered him the bottle at 3am and 6am and he took all 43ml both times. The nurse this morning fed him through his tube at 9am, knowing I would be breastfeeding him at noon. He did super well at his noon feeding, nursing off and on for close to 25 minutes. The scale said he only got 10ml but I have a really hard time believing that. I was thinking closer to 18 or so. We decided to see how he did with trying to finish off his feeding with a bottle so Mom gave him the rest of his milk (minus the 10ml the scale said he got) and he drank all but 10ml. He was still awake at the end of the bottle but just didn’t want it. Which means he probably got more from me than the scale thought. He pretty much slept through his 3pm feeding so Husband will try another bottle at 6pm and I will nurse again at 9. He is coming along so well and pretty quickly. I was so excited that he had enough stamina to breastfeed that long plus drink his bottle. We are heading in the right direction!

Tomorrow Mom and I will come up in the morning for his noon feeding and then head back to the house to get some things accomplished. I hate not being here but at the same time we are running out of food to eat and I really have to start working on his room. So hopefully we will be able to get a few meals put together, some laundry put away, and a little organizing in his room done. Then we will head back up for dinner and his 9pm feeding. Husband will already be here and will have done his bottle at 6. Keep praying that he continues to move in an upward trend with this as the sooner he is taking every feed from me or the bottle the faster he will be headed home!


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