NICU Day #31

Last night Baby G took almost half a bottle at midnight and then a full bottle at 6am. He nursed at noon, getting around 20ml and then was too sleepy to finish it off with a bottle so the tube it was. He was still asleep at his next feeding (which meant our estimate of how much he got from me was pretty accurate) so it was the tube again. Husband gave him another bottle at 6 and he drank the whole thing. He breastfed again at 9, taking another 20ml or so and then was able to stay awake and finish his feeding by bottle again. The faster he can add bottle feeds to his day the faster we can go home!

His weight tonight was 4lbs 14.4oz, which was only up .4oz from last night, which was only up .4oz from the night before. His slower gain is probably due to all the extra effort he is expending to take his meals from breast and bottle. Hopefully they won’t hold this against him. The took him off the Pro Pass the other day partially at my request, and I think that is actually helping him be more interested in eating. He needs to be hungry and showing cues for them to bottle feed him during the day and at night when we’re not there. I also think this is helping his reflux and his belly.

Speaking of his belly… In addition to the Epogen shots, Baby G is getting iron through his feeding tube twice a day. It works in conjunction with the shots to help boost his red blood cell production. It also makes his poopy diapers stink to high heaven. It’s enough to gas you out of the room. I am looking forward to him getting off the iron simply to make changing his diaper less heinous. But on the positive side, he is pooping more regularly and his belly is much softer and more relaxed.

Normally when I nurse him it takes him a few minutes to latch on. He generally likes to look around first and see what’s going on before he settles in. His little hands like to help him get situated and he wiggles and warts around until he is ready to nurse. Once he gets latched on pretty well (sometimes it takes him a few tries to be ready) his hands and body relax and he snuggles up against me. It’s the greatest thing and I love that I have that with him. He generally nurses for 10-15 minutes before he starts to fall asleep at which time I will pick him up to burp him. At least half the time he lets out a big burp before I even get him upright. Nothing like a baby that burps himself. Then, if he’s still awake, we’ll try again and often he will nurse for another 10 minutes or so. He’s gaining more longevity in his sessions and also seems to be transferring more milk faster. I pray this will continue so that his nursing sessions will be shorter and more productive. This will also help him head home faster.


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