NICU Day #32

Baby G had a rough night tonight and I did as well. We went ahead and did his bath before his 6pm feeding in the hopes it would not tire him out for the bottle as much as it tired him out for nursing. He did well with his bath as usual, but after he was dressed the nurse had to redo the Tagaderm on his feeding tube as it was coming off. The problem is the stuff is so dang sticky and I don’t think they take enough time taking it off. He cried and cried, sounding terribly distressed, almost to the point of screaming. I’ve never seen him so upset. The few times I’ve seen him upset paled in comparison to tonight. I also have never seen his little lash line wet with tears either. I managed to hold it together until the nurse left his pod and then started crying as I held him. He stopped crying pretty much after she was done but he was so distressed I had a hard time dealing with it and he clung to me once I was able to pick him up. I ended up sitting down with him and nursing him for about 10 minutes before he fell asleep.

Tonight after shift change he was asleep but restless so I picked him up and held up on my chest until it was time for his assessment. Even though he was still and asleep while I held him, he kept making squeaking/groaning noises (they are hard to describe) that he makes every now and then, but he was doing them almost constantly. During his assessment he did ok – he was a little fussier than normal – but when I sat down with him to nurse he just wasn’t interested. He laid in my arms and looked around and at me but didn’t seem to want to nurse. He managed at one point to get his finger up by his tube and yanked it out again. At least there wasn’t milk pouring through it at the time. So on top of his Tagaderm incident from earlier he also had to have his feeding tube shoved back through his nose.

I finally laid him back in his bed thinking we would just try a bottle when he started rooting around. I picked him up and got him to latch while I was standing at his bed so I sat back down with him and he nursed for about 10 minutes. Honestly, I needed him to nurse tonight. I needed to be close to him and to give him some comfort. Mom tried giving him a bottle after and he just didn’t care. He kept shoving it out of his mouth. We finally had Nurse R hook up his feeding tube. Mom held him while he was fed (I had to pump. I always have to pump) and he still seemed pretty restless. At one point she became worried about the strange noises he was making and the fact that he just didn’t seem to be able to get comfortable. He made a little choking noise and his pulse oximeter went off (which is does ALL the time) but when we looked at his heart monitor his heart rate was dropping fast. It got down to 108 (it’s usually in the 145-170 range) pretty quickly and as I was calling for his nurse, Mom moved him out from her chest to look at him. Before the nurse could respond his heart rate started back up again but we were both a little freaked out by it. He had a little milk at the corner of his mouth so it’s probable that he was having some reflux and just couldn’t resolve it before it dropped his heart rate. After his feeding was done he seemed to settle down and relax and sleep.

When I got him back into bed right before we were getting ready to leave, I noticed his tube was sticking out some and was 2cm out farther than it was supposed to be. Nurse R said this could have caused some of his later discomfort as it might have been moving in and out when he breathed or sneezed and if it wasn’t in his belly in the right place it could have been irritating him there too. Later tonight she will have to remove the Tagaderm that just got put on to push the tube back where its supposed to go and retape it a little better.

He did reach 5lbs tonight but he didn’t have a great day as far as nursing and bottle feeding went. I truly hope tomorrow is better for him. I hate seeing him in distress and I hate leaving him there after a rough day. Please pray for his continuing progress and pray he gains ground quickly. I desperately want to bring my baby home.


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