NICU Day #34

Last night Baby G weighed 5lbs 1.1oz. Yesterday he had a great day as far as feeding goes. When we got there at noon there was a note on the board from Nurse R(his nurse from the night before) written from “Baby G” letting us know he had a good night and that after Nurse Rhad fixed his wiggly tube (which he didn’t even complain about) he slept much better. She also let us know he took all his 6am bottle in only 15 minutes. Then we found out he also took all of his 9am feeding by bottle. He nursed at noon and took most of the rest by bottle but since we didn’t know exactly how much he’d had from me we just let him be with that amount. He was done eating so we didn’t push it. At 3 he took 35 out of his 45ml and at 6 he was zonked out so he got fed by tube. At 9 last night he was super alert and latched pretty quickly, nursing for almost 30 minutes not including his little breaks. Then he took the rest of his feeding by bottle very well. He is coming along and I can see the light at the end. It feels like it never gets any closer though.

Today we are going to be there for all his feedings from noon to 9 so I can see how he does. I have a feeling sometimes they are not giving him enough time to wake up at assessment times. Also I think the volume they are giving him is sometimes more than he wants. They base his volume off his weight but term babies eat until they are done, not until they have finished all recommended ounces of liquid. So we’ll see what he does today and how he acts. I’m going to push to allow him to feed as much as he wants and then to leave him alone (food-wise) until he is ready to eat again.

Yesterday Mom and I went up at noon and then left to run some more errands and work some more in the house. Mom made noodles to go with the Kalua Pig she made the other night (most of our food is made in stages these days) and worked on some pictures for me in between cleaning up the kitchen and other various things. In between my ever so frequent pumping sessions I put away a bunch of stuff in Baby G’s room and did several loads of his tiny laundry. A little more organizing in his room and that part will be finished. I still have some things to put up on the walls, but his room is coming along nicely. I can’t wait to bring him home to show him. And then whisk him away to his pack ‘n play in my bedroom.

{Evening Update}
Baby G is up to 5lbs 2oz, but after his super full diaper this evening (after not having a poopy one all day) he probably wasn’t weighing that anymore. The very good news is he got a full feeding nursing tonight! Technically he only got 38 out of his 45ml but he drank until he was full and was awake but not interested in any more. So as far as I’m concerned that was a full feeding. He’s not going to want 45ml every time he feeds consistently.

I did get a scare around 6pm when I was holding him while his feeding was going. I heard his pulse-ox alarm go off (which is does very very frequently due to the sensitive monitor even though it’s generally not a real reading) and happened to glance at his heart monitor and his heart rate was dropping fast. It made it down to 80 (which is the threshold for a brady) as I was sitting up with Baby G and rubbing his back. It never alarmed (which would have meant an automatic 5 more days in the NICU) but it scared me to death. He had one other issue with his heart rate dropping low on Thursday but it never made it below 100. That time we are pretty sure was caused by reflux and I’m guessing tonight was too but that didn’t help me from being worried about it. Once he’s home he won’t be attached to any monitors that will tell me if he’s stopped breathing.

On a more fun note, Baby G got his big ole feet printed tonight. One of our nurses tried last week but we wanted to give it another shot. He’s so relaxed that his little legs and feet were stuck out the whole time. He did so good with it. Tomorrow we’ll aim for handprints.

As I was cleaning up, Mom caught Baby G trying to pull out his feeding tube again. So I pushed it back in and he lost his hand privileges again. Because he was wearing a onesie without little hand flaps, Baby G is now wearing a bootie on his right hand. He will be the laughinstock of all the NICU babies. At least he doesn’t have to wear a long-sleeved baby t-shirt as a pacifier holder like Big Baby.

Big Baby is a very large term baby in the Intermediate room where Baby G is. He had to have been 12 pounds at birth at least and cries ALL the time. We’re not sure what’s wrong with him or why he cries so much. He sits in a swing a lot and apparently isn’t great about keeping his paci in so they improvised a way to keep the paci held in his mouth. It’s a long sleeved baby t-shirt rolled up and tucked around his head. The t-shirts are also used as neck rolls. The NICU nurses are very resourceful like that.

Pray like mad that we get to go home soon. His last Epogen shot is tomorrow night and we’ve already seen an increase in his energy level but he still has a ways to go. He just has to prove he can eat all his meals. On Monday I plan to talk to the Dr or the NNP to find out when we can allow him to eat on his own schedule instead of theirs. Instead of 45ml every hour there should be an option to eat Xml per day or a larger amount over a longer period of time to take into consideration his own hungry tummy. Hopefully they will be responsive and work with us. I’m tired of being there and I’m tired of leaving my baby every night.


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