NICU Day #35

Today when we got to the hospital, the nurse told me that Baby G had started stirring around so she went ahead and got him ready for me (changed his diaper, took his temp, etc). When I flipped back his blanket to get him out I noticed his pulse-ox was not on. I mentioned it to the nurse and she said they had written the order that morning to remove it later on today, depending on how he did. She said that he had taken all his bottles from midnight to 9am this morning and was now allowed to feed on demand (to an extent).

After nursing him for about 10 minutes or so I put him back in his bed and turned around to say something to TJ. When I turned back around just a few seconds later he was laying there so sweetly with his NG tube completely free of his nose. So the feeding tube came out a little earlier than expected. He ended up getting a full feeding from me at noon.

As I was nursing him, the NP came in to talk to me and basically said that Baby G was on the fast track out the door. As long as he continues to eat, gain weight, and doesn’t have any bradys he can be going home sometime this week!!!!! We will bring in his carseat for the carseat test tomorrow and as long as he passes that he won’t be here much longer. After his heartrate drop yesterday I’m super nervous about him having a brady (even though he hasn’t had one in ages) because it means another 5 days here. Please pray with all your might that Baby G does all the right things and is ready to go home soon.


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