NICU Day #36

So Wednesday is the day! Baby G passed his hearing test today, will have his carseat test tonight (praying he passes on the first shot!), will be circumcised tomorrow, and tomorrow night Husband and I will be “rooming in” in the hospital with a monitor-free Baby G. I find this equally wonderful and terrifying. Basically we will stay in a room like the one I was in during my stay and we will spend our first night with him here just in case we have questions or need help. Then Wednesday morning we will get all our discharge information and be homeward bound!

He is still eating well (except for tonight so far as he has been passed out since his bath) and gained 1.2oz since last night (which is good because he had only gained .2oz the previous night and they don’t like that).

I can’t believe this is finally almost over. I can’t believe I will finally be able to bring my sweet little boy home. Mom and I cleaned house today and the pack ‘n play is set up in my bedroom and the swing has been brought downstairs and set up in the living room. I ordered my pump today and should get that on Wednesday. Everything is ready for him to come home! God has been so good to us and has blessed us so immensely. The next hurdle will be figuring out how I can stay home until Sister comes in July. My leave runs out May 14 so I will be out of work another 2 – 2½ months until she comes. Husband and I are ok with this but I will have to see what work says. I’m a little anxious about that so please pray they are understanding and do not give me too hard a time about it.


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