Adventures in Breastfeeding

My sweet little vampire baby has developed an uncomfortable habit while nursing. He has gotten lazy so has decided that instead of opening his mouth up wide enough to latch properly, he will just start at the beginning and slurp his way on. Like I’m spaghetti. Ouch. This may work for lazy vampire babies with a super suck  but this does not work out for their dinner. Or the person who possesses it. So, after several days of fighting these new eating habits, I am left very sore and with a dark purple “hickey ring.” This is not comfortable. At all. It really hurts. Especially when it’s that side’s turn again. We’ve been trying the shield which seems to help protect it some but it’s still pretty terrible. And he thinks it’s poison. It takes a few tries before he realizes he’s hungry enough to deal with it. Or, when faced with the task of nursing with the shield, sometimes he just falls asleep instead. Sleeping is better than poison.

Another one of his new habits is to rear his head back and stretch while still latched. This is also not comfortable. Especially on the wounded side. I’m not sure why he feels the need to do this. Apparently it’s too much trouble to let go, stretch and re-latch. Much easier to take the milk with you.

But don’t misunderstand. I love nursing my sweet baby boy. When he was in the hospital and I’d get him laid down and all situated, a lot of the time he wouldn’t latch right away, but would lay there and look all around so sweetly. Or nosily. Just depends on how you look at it. Those days he was so tiny I could tuck my arm up under him and his little feet would just tuck into my elbow. Mom would hold whichever hand was up because he would try to help so much. Once he’d start nursing he’d totally relax. Most of the time his bottom arm would be up by his face and often he’d hold my hand. Now that I don’t have to support his dinner as much (I have found a little pillow to do it for me) he often has his head laying on his hand or his hands folded together in front of me. He also likes to cram one hand right between my boobs. Typical boy.

He recently has started smacking his lips loudly after he’s done. So stinkin’ cute. Sometimes he raspberries instead and spits milk everywhere. Much less cute. He also makes squeaking/honking noise while he’s nursing. Very sweet but makes it impossible to nurse certain places. Like church. He still likes to have one foot sticking straight out at times which still cracks me up. Other times he nurses all laid out, totally relaxed.

So far he’s been nursed in Target, Olive Garden, and the pediatrician’s office. Our spot at home is in the corner of our L-shaped couch since we are lacking a rocking chair. We have our Boppy and a little pillow we got from the Ronald McDonald room at the hospital and we snuggle into our corner. We spend a lot of our day here. It’s our special time and I love every bit of it. Well, except for the parts that hurt. I could do without those.


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