My baby is better than your baby.

Well, that wasn’t nice was it? Ok, ok, so I don’t really think my baby is better than yours. OK, OK! FINE! I kinda do. But that’s only because he’s my baby. I’m sure you think your baby is better than mine too, right? Don’t lie. You know you do. Anyway, regardless whose baby is better (mine) I will share with you some of the fun and wonderful things about Baby G. He’s so cute. Can’t help but love him.

1) He’s a ninja. No, seriously. The other day I put him on his play mat for torture, I mean TUMMY, time. I laid him down, stood up to open the blinds, and turned back around to find him flipped over on his back. This was his third successful attempt at rolling over and the first time he’s done it so fast no one saw it. And his first successful rolling over he was just under 10 weeks old. Which means 1 weeks gestationally. He’s a superstar.

2) He sings to me. Really! Our morning ritual goes like this: He wakes up, I pull him into bed with me, nurse him laying down (both sides) and then sometimes we snooze (if he’s kept me up late) or I just get up. When it’s get-up time, he lays on my bed while I shower and so far has only had one or two crying fits before I got out. He generally lays there and stares at the fan/lights (he’s obsessed). Then we head upstairs to change his diaper (which has, by this point, swollen to gargantuan proportions), wipe him down (he gets a bath at night but due to spitting up and that diaper he can get pretty ripe), and get dressed for the day. I sing “Good Morning to You” and “You Are My Sunshine” and he sings with me. Ok, so it’s just musical sounding coos but it’s so precious. I’m pretty sure he told me “Hi” the other day too. What can I say? He’s a genius.

3) He’s super snuggly. He’d really rather you never put him down. While this may make peeing and showering and cooking interesting, I love a good snuggly baby.

4) He makes the best faces. When he starts to fall asleep his facial expression range from smiles to sad pouty frowns. Sometimes he makes a throaty chuckle sound. He was doing this from birth. Now in addition to his sleepy faces he makes all sorts of other ones. Kissy lips, “Oooh” lips, big smiles, half smiles, “boo” lips (bottom lip stuck WAY out)… They are all just great. Sometimes he opens his eyes up really wide and wrinkles up his little forehead. He’s very expressive. And photogenic.

5) He’s very strong. While he was still in the NICU he could lift his head up off my chest and turn it from side to side. Very soon after getting him home he would push up on his arms, lifting his entire upper body off the ground. He could actually lift his legs off at the same time too. Now, while sitting in the Bumbo he can right himself if he slumps over. Amazing. Strongest baby award.

6) He loves bath time. Ok, maybe he just tolerates bath time really well. But this is a marked improvement on screaming during the entire bath which happened a few times before I started bathing him in the tub part (I was using the infant hammock thing). Now he sits and floats his little legs and looks at the handsome baby in the mirror. Or the lights. Did I mention he likes lights? They are the coolest. But he lets me wash his face and scrub his head with a little scrubby brush (the same one we used in the NICU that came off the arm scrubbers) and then looks bright-eyed out of his cute little hooded towels and then sweetly lays there while I get him dressed. *Sigh.* Ok, that very last part is mostly a lie. He more often than not screams bloody murder while I put his diaper and jammies on. I think it’s because he’s cold and he really really hates to be cold. I think he hates being cold more than he hates being hungry. And let me tell you, this baby loves his milks.

7) He’s adorable. He is the cutest baby. Ever. Again, you may try to disagree. But you will never change my mind.

8) He fights his milks when they don’t give him enough. At least I think that’s why he does it. It’s so funny. He’ll start out nursing peacefully and relaxed, sometimes staring up at me while he’s nursing. This, dear friends, is the sweetest most precious thing. His big blue eyes looking up at me so intently while he snuggles and nurses. *heart melts* Sorry, lost track there for a minute. By “fighting” I mean he grumbles and growls and pushes his arms and legs against me all while he’s still nursing. It’s so funny. Too bad you can’t see it. But you can’t. Cuz we’re not THAT good of friends.

So I’ll stop for now. I could go on and on but I don’t want to make you jealous.


One thought on “My baby is better than your baby.

  1. Lauren says:

    Too late! I’m already jealous! I don’t even have a baby. I love that he sings to you! That is so sweet 🙂

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