It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

But only on my Pinterest board. Seriously. It’s still about 4,000 degrees here. Not very conducive to all things Christmasy.

I have a deep love for all things Christmas. Christmas music, decorating, baking, wrapping, gifting… cheesy Hallmark-made-for-TV-movies… It all makes me giddy and excited.  I like to put my Christmas tree up the day after Thanksgiving and I’m ok with it ringing in the New Year still standing in my living room. I program the Christmas stations into my radio the week of Thanksgiving and only change them back once they stop playing Christmas music. Which, surprisingly, is usually a few days to a week after Christmas.

My husband does not share my Christmas spirit. Don’t get me wrong; he likes Christmas. He doesn’t specifically love Christmas music (or actually like it at all). And he doesn’t particularly care about the decorating part. He hates wrapping and puts that off as long as possible even though I only make him wrap my presents. And he prefers to limit his involvement in the baking process to taste-testing the goodies I make. He will though watch the Christmas movies with me – the good ones (Muppets Christmas Carol anyone??) and the bad ones (insert any made-for-TV-Hallmark-movie) – without complaining. But my sister, dear friends, my sister feels the way I do about Christmas.

It’s like my Christmas soul mate has arrived.

I feel like Christmas this year will be epic. Off the charts. Fantabulistic. Between the two of us we have enough ideas pinned to cover every wall (and window) in my house. Since there are two of us we might actually make one or two of the 86 things we’ll “definitely accomplish.”

{What’s funny is that I started writing this post several days ago. But between work and being able to only type with one hand most of the time while I’m holding Baby G, Sister got a Christmas themed post written before I could finish mine. You can read it here if you’d like. Great minds think alike and all.}

So if you read the comments on Sister’s blog, you’ll know that I also suffer from Christmas-in-August Syndrome. In fact, I recently received a code for free address labels from Shutterfly. So I ordered ones for my Christmas cards. I also ordered some Christmas themed Tupperware (just helping out a friend’s Tupperware party!).

Truthfully it’s not just Christmas that I look forward to this time of year (even though it’s what I look forward to the MOST). I really love Fall and Winter (when they actually feel like Fall and Winter, unlike our overly long Summer and early Spring of last year – what was THAT about?).  I love being comfortable in jeans and a long-sleeved shirt. I love scarves and gloves and coats and boots. I like sweaters and sweatshirts. I like being able to wear my hair down without sweat ruining my hairdo. I love the smell of cinnamon (except in the form of cinnamon pine cone stinkies**) and I love drinking cocoa, apple cider, and coffee to warm me up. I love my Snuggie (don’t judge me) and my slipper socks. I love going to sleep under a pile of blankets. And I love Christmas.

Oh wait. I said that already, didn’t I?

Ok, I like Halloween and Thanksgiving too. But they aren’t nearly as much fun as Christmas. They don’t excite me as much. And this year excites me more and more every day. This year will be Baby G’s first Christmas. I will get to take him to see Santa. I will get to help him open his first Christmas presents. I will have Sister to help me decorate and put bows on presents. Last year my tree was sadly lacking in bowed presents. My parents will be here. And hopefully, so will Brother, Sister-in-Law, and Nephew. We’ll eat pinch cake for breakfast. We’ll have ham and scalloped potatoes for lunch. We’ll spend all day in our PJs opening presents. And probably a good portion of the day trying to keep Baby G away from the tree. And everyone else’s presents.

So anyway… The Christmas Crazies have started. It’s only August and Sister and I are already making plans. And getting excited. And some of us (who shall remain nameless but are the nanny) listened to a little Christmas music today. And somewhere in Florida Brother’s eye started twitching at the first strains.

I will refrain from the Christmas music for now. But I’ll keep pinning and planning. I can’t wait. 133 days left ’til Christmas. Have you started YOUR shopping yet? I have.

**Pine cone stinkies are the bags of pinecones you can get around the holidays. A good friend of mine dubbed them that a few years back. Most of them are cloying and overly sweet-smelling. The job carries them and last year they were literally outside the building and I could still smell them inside. I like cinnamon – both to eat and to smell – but those things are an abomination.


One thought on “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

  1. ranwanimator says:

    You people make me want to punch a Yule-tide goat. Stop rushing the holidays. And stop talking about the holiday that shall not be named.

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