Have Baby. Will Travel.

We (Sister, Baby G and I) are leaving in two days for Florida. We’re flying. While you might think “EEK! Flying with a 7 month old!”, let me assure you that any way you look at it this is a much better option than a 9 hour drive. Which, as I believe I’ve mentioned before, would end up being 12+ hour drive. Or it would require us to drive through the night. So a direct flight at is a better option. Even if it does require us to be at the airport at 5:30am.

Travelling with a baby is hard enough. Flying is even harder. This is mainly because you are so limited on the space and what you can pack. If you’re packing for yourself you think, hey – I’ll just rewear this or downsize that. With a baby there is an endless list of things you must take. Here’s a sampling of the things needed for a 7 day trip (not necessarily flying):

1) Burp cloths – All of them. Every one you possess. And it still probably won’t be enough.
2) Bibs
3) Diapers – 40 (allows 5 diaper changes a day plus a few extras)
4) Outfits – 14
5) Baby Monitor
6) Moby wrap
7) Toys
8) Baby Tylenol
9) Gas drops
10) Wipes – travel pack size is generally fine
11) Changing pad
12) Disposable changing pads
13) Diaper baggies
14) Pajamas – 6
15) Baby soap/shampoo
16) Extra paci
17) Car seat
18) Highchair/cart cover
19) Diaper cream
20) Thermometer
21) Nursing cover

Optional Items:
1) White noise maker
2) Stroller
3) Pack n Play
4) Wash cloths/Towel
5) Baby bathtub
6) Boppy

Unfortunately I don’t have room for the Boppy. Which I will sorely miss. He’s gonna have to get bathed without his tub too. He’s too big for the sink these days so that’ll be interesting. He hates the stroller with an unholy passion so we’ll leave that here and I’m lucky that Dad is bringing the pack n play that lives at their house so I don’t have to worry about where Baby G will not sleep. We’ll make do with big people wash cloths and towels, and since we’re currently using Sister’s iPod as a white noise machine, that’s an easy item to pack.

It’s amazing how something so tiny can require so much equipment. So if you see two girls shuffling through the airport at o’dark-thirty with a baby, a car seat, and several bags… take pity on them when they drop something and can’t figure out how to pick it up while holding on to everything else. And don’t laugh. You might be on our flight.


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