Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

Today is a bittersweet day. Today my precious baby, my tiny little love, my heart of hearts, my purveyor of slobbery kisses, turns one. While I know he has to grow, I can hardly believe how fast the last year has gone. I wish I could have slowed it down so I had longer to enjoy all his stages.

One year ago today my world was turned upside down. I woke up that morning 31 weeks pregnant, happy (if slightly swollen), and a little sad because my mom was leaving in two days and SIL and nephew were heading home that day. The baby shower was over, my family was all heading home, and I was not looking forward to the next 9 weeks of work. Those were the things on my mind. I woke up that morning pregnant and went to bed that night with an empty belly, a broken heart, and a baby I hadn’t seen yet.

What a difference a year makes. I can remember the pain and sadness that those first six weeks held. The uncertainty, the heartbreak of coming home each night alone, the weariness. I remember the elation when it was time to bring my tiny one home. It wasn’t the happy baby story it was supposed to be, but we were blessed. He may have been early but he was perfect. He was tiny but healthy and everything I could have asked for.

This last year had been the best one of the 31 I’ve had. Nothing I’ve ever done can top that little boy. Nothing I’ve accomplished is more important than being his mom. He is a gift and I cherish every second I get to spend with him even if it has gone too fast.

Baby G has grown from that tiny helpless little preemie into a curious, happy, and active little boy. He has a great personality and an infectious laugh. He isĀ mischievousĀ and affectionate and he charms everyone he meets. I cannot imagine my life without him.

So Happy Birthday to my sweet baby boy. I hope this next year goes a little slower for us so we have more time to play and to snuggle. But slow or quick I will cherish every second I get to spend with him. Because my life will never be the same. And I wouldn’t want it to be.