Stinky Baby Breath

I’m sitting here at 11pm rocking my 20 month old who woke up screaming bloody murder and couldn’t calm himself. I’m so tired and worn out and had literally just crawled into bed and gotten comfortable when he woke up. I only got about 3 hours of sleep last night and I worked today so I was looking forward to bed. But I’m sitting here, with my sweet boy finally sleeping on my shoulder, smelling his stinky sleepy baby breath (when did it turn stinky?? It used to smell so sweet!), and relishing every second. Every cuddle, every snore, every time his little hand pats my skin. Because soon my belly will be too big for him to sit like this. Soon I’ll be in the hospital and spending the first nights away from him ever. Soon he’ll grow up and won’t need momma to rock him. So even though I’m tired and I desperately want to sleep, I will be thankful for this time – these little moments where I can calm and comfort him. And smell his stinky sleepy baby breath.


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