For better or worse

There are days as a parent that sometimes you just wish everyone would shut up. “We don’t say ‘shut up’!” No whining, no crying, no asking for a drink 47 times when it’s directly in front of them, no tv playing “The Hot Dog Dance” in the background. No one saying “mommy” 112 times in the span of 13 minutes. It’s normal to feel this way, dear friends. Perfectly normal. Heck, if you told me you never had days like this I wouldn’t believe you, you magical parenting unicorn. It takes a lot to make sure small people are bathed, fed, clothed, and pottied (<—- pretty sure that’s not a word, but you get the gist). Whether you stay home all day, work outside the home, or a combo of the 2, some days you just feel fried. Some days I swear it feels like you’re going backwards instead of forwards. Not only did the house NOT get cleaned, it is, in fact, even messier than before. Or you realize that you haven’t bathed the baby in more days than are socially acceptable. Some days you might even contemplate selling all the small people to the gypsies, changing your name, and running off to Tahiti without a forwarding address. But you would never really do that. Right? RIGHT??

No, you wouldn’t. Wanna know why? Because after one of those days, your 2 year old comes up to you and hugs your leg while telling you “Mommy, uh cute.” Which, of course translates to “Mommy, you’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever met and I love you with all my heart and I’m sorry for being a tiny terror for the last 4 1/2 months. Oh, and you’re my favorite parent.” And you hug that little person back with all your might and know THIS is why you do what you do. This is why you wipe boogers with your fingers. YOUR FINGERS. It’s why you eat cold food that’s supposed to be hot and room temperature food that’s supposed to be cold. It’s why at any point in the day you probably have spit-up, food, or boogers on your person. It’s the reason you share your last cookie with your precious child just for said child to spit the cookie back into your hand.

Children are a mess. Children are a full-time job. A lifetime job. Even when they are grown they are still yours to worry over and love. So that day, or those days, or that week that you feel like you just don’t know how you will manage one more minute without losing your mind? Just know that’s normal. It’s expected. And it will pass. You’ll sit down to your cold, no longer medium-rare steak, after refilling a cup with pink juice instead of blue juice, changing a diaper, and then your shirt because you were barfed on, and smile because your baby girl just looked at you and cooed so sweetly. Then your toddler asks to come sit next to you to cuddle. Those moments make all the other moments fade away and not seem so loud or smelly or crazy. Then, just for a moment, you think “Hey, I could have another one!” Until the baby blows out a diaper and the toddler runs into the table and everyone is screaming. Then you’re back to Tahiti.