Week 2

Weight Lost: .8lbs 😦 I didn’t do so well yesterday. Giant derailment. Giant. I may or may not have eaten 3 (maybe 3 1/2) pieces of cornbread cake. Which has no cornbread in it but lots and lots of sugar. And pecans. Oh, and butter. But hey, I still lost weight.

I am terribly out of shape. One day at the zoo awakened aches and pains in 79% of my lower half. Apparently I need to push a stroller with two kids and a big bag uphill for 1.4 miles every day. Then I could eat 2 brownies.

Coriander is not a spice I like in great quantities. Maybe in any quantity. **Side note: apparently coriander is also cilantro. Which is weird because it doesn’t smell or taste like cilantro.**

SO many things come up to derail you from eating well. SO MANY. And not all of them are of my own making. Some of them are made by someone else in a crockpot.

Spinach in a fruit smoothie makes the smoothie look like a chocolate milkshake. Which is a lie. Also, I really need a new blender.

I much prefer something sweet for breakfast. And it was warm last week so hot oatmeal wasn’t going to cut it. So I made a batch of slightly-smaller-than-normal (due to my testing out of these – review here) low-fat lemon poppyseed muffins. Make them up, freeze them, and eat one for breakfast. Even frozen they are good! I’ll post the recipe later.

So overall I didn’t do great last week. I still lost, which is good, but I made some pretty poopy choices. This week starts a workout challenge so hopefully I can eat well so I can get the full benefit of working out.


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