Week 5

Weight Lost: 0.6lbs

Baaaaaahhhhhhh. Terrible. Yes, I understand it’s still a loss and a win is a win but it’s such a TINY win. And it’s my fault because I officially haven’t counted points in 2 weeks. Hence the crappy numbers. Did a little better today except I still didn’t count points and probably went over my daily allowance. I HAVE to get back to eating right. Nothing fits and I refuse to buy new clothes until I lose more weight.

Three weeks of Bikini Body Mommy 4.0 down! The only days I’ve missed were the 2 at the beginning because I didn’t start on time. I’m ok with that. There are moments when I REALLY REALLY don’t like Briana and her torture routines but I am not going to give up. I already notice that I’m recovering faster from workouts. Most days I can even climb the stairs without my legs feeling as though they will give way beneath me.

I got new workout clothes! I know it sounds silly but it makes me more interested in working out. Maybe because before the stuff I was wearing didn’t fit very well… And I know it’s just in my house and no one sees me working out but wearing workout gear that fits (novel idea, huh?) and feels comfortable and doesn’t require adjusting everytime you move makes a big difference in the experience. Target had their C9 gear on the Cartwheel app (if you don’t have that and you live in the USA – because apparently Target isn’t in Canada anymore – download it now!) 20% off so I grabbed 2 of these shirts, 1 of this shirt, and 2 of these sports bras. I love the shirts and the sports bras are a GIANT improvement over the ones I had been wearing which were approximately 2-3 sizes too small.

We did WAY too much eating out this week. With not the greatest choices during those times. But I really really like fried okra and nachos. Not at the same time though. That would be weird.


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