This is my Circus.

_MG_4057blogAnd these are my monkeys. Although “monkey” isn’t really the appropriate description for theĀ littler one. We fondly refer to her as our Sour Patch Kid. But I’ll get into that in a moment.

Brother Bear is a very inquisitive 4 1/2. I alternately am delighted at his independence and comprehension and pained that he has grown so quickly. They say time moves so quickly when you have children but I found it moves even faster when you have two. BB still loves his Brio trains and they are probably his favorite toy, and have been for a long time. He also really enjoys playing with his Duplo, and creates very long trucks out of them. Recently he has been building buildings and currently prefers building a Fire Station. Building with him is always interesting because you’re never quite sure what he has in mind and while you are allowed to build your own creations and help with the buildings, the trucks are for his creation only. BB loves trucks, construction, machines, etc. He is fascinated with the floor cleaner at the grocery store and the cart mover at Wal-mart. He wants to know what everything is and how it works. And he’s very good at remembering the things he’s learned. Thankfully, for me, he is still a cuddler and a very loving little boy. Except when his sister is being a pain and he has been known to lash out at her (she sported a nice scratch in the middle of her forehead for a few days after one such episode), he is super sweet. He likes to dance (and it’s hilarious to watch) and really enjoys reading books.

Bitty, if you have ever seen the commercials, is probably who they modeled the Sour Patch Kids commercials about. She will go from pulling your hair to giving you sweet hugs and kisses in a split second. And when she tilts her head to the side, looks up at you, and says “pees pees” when she wants something, it’s REALLY hard to say no. Even if she’s just been sour. She’s VERY independent and determined, but would be totally ok with being held 85% of the time. She’s 26 months old and can sing 85% of the ABCs correctly and speaks in full sentences. She’s still a little thing and with her chubby cheeks and curly messy hair, she looks younger than she is. She has to have all of her stuffed animals and pacifiers in her bed when she goes to sleep and she can tell you which ones are missing. And if I’m home, she is only happy with me putting her to bed at night.

Sometimes our life does feel like a circus. It seems like someone is always crying or whining and I swear they can’t be in the same room for more than 5 minutes without fighting. But then they will amaze me with their generosity and sweetness and watching BB smooth his baby sister’s hair when she gets hurt will just melt your heart. And she gets hurt a lot because she’s basically a Sour Patch bull in a china shop. They don’t always listen well and the definitely don’t always obey. But those spontaneous hugs, kisses, and “I love you”s are worth every Sophia band-aid and Time Out.