It’s all about ME!!

I am a born-and-raised military brat. I am a singer and I love to laugh. I am a sister, a daughter, a wife, and, most recently, a mother. I am famous for my over-exaggerations and my dramatic renditions of events (the spider was the size of a dinner plate! It almost ate me!). I am a princess (in my mind) and a diva (in everyone’s mind); the quintessential girly girl, but with a penchant for big trucks. I have a slight addiction to shoes (my husband is shaking his head at “slight”) and I LOVE to scrapbook. In the past year or so I started delving into photography and cake decorating (not simultaneously, even though I did take pictures of my cakes) and enjoy both. I also love to bake and am a voracious reader. At this point I think I have enough hobbies and will stick to those for the time being. I really can’t afford any more anyway.

I am married to a loving, patient, and understanding husband who treats me like the princess he sees me to be. We were married in March of 2009 in North Carolina where we moved in the fall of ’06. We have recently had a sweet little boy, which most of my blog centers around. I do manage to post a few non-baby things every now and then, but since he is currently my whole world a lot of other things don’t matter nearly as much anymore.

For me, a blog is a way to express my opinions, share my adventures, and chronicle events in my life. Some of my blogs will be light-hearted and short while others (like those chronicling Baby G’s arrival and consequent NICU stay) will be long and detailed with little humor. But, such is life.

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