Home: Day 1


Our rooming in at the hospital went as well as can be expected I suppose. Baby G was having trouble going to the bathroom again so he did a lot of grunting and pushing which in turn made him spit up a lot. I did zero sleeping – I probably got an hour to an hour and a half total. But it was so nice to be right there with him and to be able to snuggle and hold him during the night. Even if I was so exhausted I wanted to die. The next morning we got him all set up in his carseat and had the hospital’s safety seat technician take a look at everything. He determined that the shoulder pads on the carseat were too big and were pulling the straps off Baby G’s tiny little shoulders. The carseat is rated for 4lbs and up so we knew it would be ok to have him in it and the tech said the one we got is a “Cadillac” and very safe. That was nice to hear. Mom drove us home by way of Babies ‘R’ Us (had to return some stupid mattress pads) and I sat in the backseat with Baby G. He didn’t wake up the whole ride home. I took a long nap yesterday afternoon while Mom held him (a hardship I know) so that was nice.

Last night yielded a little more sleep for me but not much. Baby G apparently does not enjoy his pack n play so after trying it out around 1am we came back out into the living room and I slept on the couch while he slept in the swing. He still didn’t sleep well, but better than the night before. I was afforded a few minutes here and there in between him waking up. When Husband left this morning I went back into the bedroom and tried out the pack n play again. We did marginally better until I had Mom come get him so I could sleep for a bit. Turns out he really prefers the swing as Mom put him into it and he slept for 3ish hours straight without moving. We think several factors prevented him from sleeping in the pack n play and I hope to get those resolved tonight. Our bedroom is colder than the living room so he needs a hat and probably a warmer outfit or blankets. His bed, while elevated slightly, isn’t nearly as high as he’s used to being. Also, he is a roly kid and flails all around in the pack n play. So tonight I will make him a nest like he had in the hospital and dress him very warmly and hope that helps.

On the breastfeeding front he did pretty well throughout the night. I look forward to when he will nurse longer and less frequently as he generally nurses 5-15 minutes at a time and then sleeps for a bit. Usually a nursing session lasts over an hour before he is done. He is supposed to be getting 4 fortified bottles a day with breastfeeding whenever else in between. He will get a dose of iron in one of his bottles during the day as well. The bottles are fortified with a teaspoon of special formula for every three ounces. I don’t see how this does anything but hopefully he won’t need it for long. I’m still having to pump due to that and the fact that he doesn’t really take enough from me at this point. My pump arrived yesterday and while it works great and functions much like the hospital pump, it makes a horrendous high-pitched beeping noise while it’s working. It’s so bad I’m sending it back and paying an extra $100 for the other pump I was looking at. It’s pointless to try and swap it out as the reviews I’ve read on several different websites state that Ameda’s customer service doesn’t seem very concerned about the beeping; that it’s “normal” and some pumps do it while others don’t. I don’t want to risk getting another pump that beeps so I’m just going to suck it up and buy the other pump. It stinks because all the flanges and parts that I used with the hospital pump work with the pump I got.

And, as the old adage goes, when it rains it pours. Yesterday Husband took my car in to get the oil changed and found out my car was way out of alignment and I need new tires pretty soon. Apparently Vibes are notorious for eating tires but the place we get our tires from declined to do an alignment the last oil change saying I didn’t need one. Husband will talk to one of the managers there to see if they will help us out with the new tires since they told us we didn’t need an alignment the last time. Then, this morning, the starter in Husband’s truck went out. Thankfully he should be able to fix it himself but it’s still the extra cost. Mom had to get up and take him into work this morning since he didn’t want to leave us without a car just in case something happened. Oh yeah, and there is something wrong with the AC in my car. Again, Husband should be able to fix it but it’s just one more thing.

Something I didn’t post the other night just because of the rooming in was that Baby G got circumcised Tuesday morning. We found out that afternoon that after the procedure, one of the volunteers (a sweet old man) cuddled and held him for several hours. The nurse said they both enjoyed it very much. We had met the man at the Ronald McDonald room and he was just a cutie. Very much a cuddly grandfather type. Since we weren’t there that morning after it was done, Baby G got his snuggles anyway. I think that is so sweet. Wish we could have gotten a picture.