Baby Gear: These are a few of my favorite things.

It’s funny I should use that phrase as I deeply hate that song. Why, you ask? How could someone hate a lighthearted number sung by Julie Andrews in her musical voice? Well, dear friends, I hate that song because it is NOT a Christmas Song. But yet EVERY freakin’ radio station plays that stupid song at Christmas. What makes it playable alongside “Frosty the Snowman” and “Little Drummer Boy??” Is it because the songs speaks of mittens and packages and snowflakes? The song also mentions wet roses, Spring, bees, dogs, and kettles. These are not particularly wintery or Christmasy things. Crap. Now the stupid song is in my head.

So onto MY favorite things. Which are not kettles or wet roses or even Spring. Well, those really don’t have anything to do with babies either. So my favorite BABY gear – my must haves…  are as follows:

1) Moby Wrap
I looooove my Moby. Love. Moby. Love love love.  This worked when he was 5 1/2 lbs and it works just as well now at almost 10 lbs. *sniff* He loves it. I love it. It’s a win-win. I get to hold him. He gets to be held. I get to use my hands and not have my arms fall off or go numb and people try to touch him less. See? Wins all around. It’s also “customizable” in that it will fit any body. Or anybody. Either one. Both. It also grows with him and there are no hard buckles or clasps. It offers better support for the wearer and for the bubola than many other carriers too. The only drawback to it is that it is pretty toasty so being outside in the summer with it might necessitate me wearing very little under the Moby or we’ll both die.

2) Boppy
I bought my Boppy while Baby G was still in the NICU. He was so tiny when he started nursing that the Boppy really helped support him (with a little extra help from a rolled-up blanket as he was so small he’d sink into the hole in the middle). Now that he’s bigger (sniff) it’s still awesome for nursing as he’s still not quite big enough to lay in my lap while nursing and it saves my arms from certain death. It’s also good for tummy time (although he can support his upper body really well so he doesn’t really need it for that) and sitting/reclining him in. We have a “waterproof” cover on it and then a decorative cover over that. I have three covers and while the cotton knit one is my favorite (so soft!) the regular ones are cheaper and it honestly doesn’t matter either way. But again, so glad I bought this when he was still in the NICU. It really helped position him and make him feel cozy and their pillows were horrendous and slidey and terrible.

3) Bumbo
Are you noticing the trend of weird baby thing names? The Bumbo, if you are unfamiliar, is a dense molded foamish plasticky seat that surrounds the baby as he is sitting in it, helping support him. It helps them gain strength and when they get older it has a little tray so they can eat or play. Fun stuff. Baby G seems to really enjoy sitting in it and will actually sit and just chill in the Bumbo for much longer than he’ll hang out anywhere else.

4) Fisher-Price Rainforest Melodies and Lights Deluxe Gym with Bright Starts Elephant
I looked at lots of play mats.  Some have lights, most have sound, all have toys of some variety. There are several girl versions and then unisex versions. Which I thought was kind of crappy. But the Rainforest works for boys or girls with bright pretty colors, it has lights and sounds (music or rainforest sounds), and it has nice repositionable interactivetoys. We bought the elephant because he was darn cute (our local Babies R Us went through liquidation so we got a ton of stuff at a great discount) and ended up hooking him onto one of the loops on the mat’s crossbars. Baby G loves to look at the lights and swat at the elephant. He’s not really interested in the other toys yet but I know he will eventually. We try to do a little tummy time on the mat as well as putting him on his back to play every day. I’m very happy with our choice.

5) SwaddleDesigns Lightweight Marquisette Swaddling Blankets
These blankets are awesome. For one, they are huge so they are great for not only swaddling but covering the carseat or draping over the pack n play or swing to keep air from blowing on the baby. They are super lightweight so they are great for spring/summer. We have two and they are the best swaddle blankets I’ve got. And unlike swaddlepods or other swaddle products, once Baby G is past the swaddling stage they are still usable for other things.

6) JJ Cole Collections Car Seat Canopy
Essentially this is a fabric cover that velcros to the handle of the carseat and completely encloses it with a velcro opening in the front. I bought this after Baby G came home and I wanted to be able to cover him completely during the few errands we ran and the visits to the pediatrician. The fit on my car seat (Britax B-Safe) is a little different than what I expected but I still love this thing. It has elastic around the bottom so it can’t get blown around by wind and the velcro opening is nice so people of the unwashed masses can’t stick their dirty faces near him unless I open it for them. This was especially important when he was just home and still negative 2 1/2 weeks old. We spent a lot of time at home to keep him away from people but when we had to go out, he was either in the Moby or enclosed in his car seat. Him being so tiny and cute made it even harder to keep people from looking at him.