Thursday Update

I am now several weeks into my 2nd trimester and I can’t say things are easier. Different, just not easier. The nausea is gone and so is most of the extreme tiredness. Is that a word? Tiredness? Oh well, it’s mostly gone anyway. I still get tired easier than I did before I was pregnant, but the brain-numbing exhaustion has mostly passed. The excessive peeing was supposed to have slowed this trimester too but I haven’t seen much of a change. Except now I go from not needing to pee to needing to pee immediately.

I’m still drinking a ton of water and some days it never seems like enough. I haven’t regained my love of delicious tasty things (chocolate, cakes, cookies, etc) but I’m still managing to put on more weight than I should be. I’m guessing a few too many McRibs will do that to a person. Don’t judge. And don’t try to tell me what’s in them. I love them and you will not take that from me.

Another new symptom is weird pains. Most times when I sit down I get this strange uncomfortable feeling like my bladder is being compressed and everything is being squished. Probably because it is. It doesn’t last long, but it still doesn’t feel good. Then I get sharp pains, pressure pains, shooting pains, and other pains at random and various times throughout the day. Then there is my nose. It’s always stuffy. Or runny. Or stuffy but running. Very very annoying. ¬†Apparently this is also a common pregnancy symptom. WHY DON’T THEY TELL US THIS STUFF??

In other news, we are moved into our new house. The unpacking is slow and tortuous. Tons more space, but still not enough places to put things. Probably because we have too much stuff. I have done some throwing away and some garage-sale-boxing, but not nearly enough. Today I unpacked a clothes box and semi-organized the bathroom. And cleaned the stove and the table and set up my fall table decorations. Which seems a little silly as the rest of my house is still in chaos but I missed decorating for Halloween. I’m still looking for an unpacking fairy but haven’t seen one yet.

I’ll cry to that!

The pregnancy weepies have found me. We are on our way back from Tennessee and stopped at Arby’s to eat lunch. As I currently intensely dislike fried foods I went with a French Dip and a salad. I’ve always loved Arby’s French Dips… Not so much with the new bread they use. Now they’re gross. Add this disappointment to the fact that I hate the way I look, there’s something wrong with my car (and of course it started as we were getting ready to start a 6-hr trip home), and I’m terrified we might have picked up bed bugs in the cabin, and I barely made it to the car before busting into tears. I feel violently unhappy and seriously overwhelmed. On top of all that I miss my family desperately. I talked to my dad for a few minutes this morning and hearing his voice made me realize just how much I miss him and everyone else. So now I’m a blubbering mess and I worry that now that the dam has broken it will never stop. Just when I’m not feeling so heinous all the time, something else starts.

On a more positive note, we close on our new house Friday and hope to get everything moved in this weekend. I say “we” even though I’ll be working all weekend. Then we have a week to finish up moving and cleaning the old house to get it ready for the renters. We have some new furniture picked out and hope to order it this week. Then it will just be the joys of unpacking. And painting. And figuring out where to put stuff.

As I mentioned earlier, I currently have a distaste for fried foods. This started last week when I ate some fried chicken. The chicken was delicious as I ate it, even if I was a little sensitive to the grease taste. But after I ate, holy cow, I felt horrible. It felt like my throat was coated in grease and that’s all I could taste. I apparently did not learn my lesson as the next day I had French fries (fast food version) and ended up feeling the same horrible way. It was then I decided (and announced) that I was not allowed to eat fried stuff anymore and no one was to let me do it. I have stuck by my guns but I should add raw onions to that list as I can’t get the taste out of my mouth since I ate a few on my salad for lunch.

That’s all that’s new for right now. I have my first trimester screening tests tomorrow which include an ultrasound so I hope I’ll have some actual “baby” pictures instead of my 6 week ones that look like a blob. Pray for a healthy normal baby and a healthy happy mama!

A Desperate Plea to My Unborn Child

Dear Child,
If you would be so accommodating as to develop a preference for salads again I (and my arteries, cholesterol, and blood pressure) would greatly appreciate it. Before you moved in I had a nice diet of salads and turkey sandwiches. Now, it’s pizza, Chinese food, and other restaurant items. This cannot continue. You will be born obese and I will resemble the Goodyear blimp. I do appreciate your dislike of sweets, dear child, but I cannot approve of your hatred for vegetables and anything remotely healthy. If you do not behave at once I will… Well… I’ll be very unhappy.
Your Mom

I’m gestating a vampire.

I blame my husband. I’m pretty sure I do not have the vampire gene. So therefore it must be from his side.

So my baby is sure to be a vampire. It does not like mornings. It loves to sleep. It prefers savory and salty things over sweet ones. In fact, sweet things generally make it mad. It’s little vampire self uses up all my energy and very often keeps me icy cold.

So. Vampire baby.

Pregnancy Symptom #2: Morning sickness isn’t just for mornings anymore!

So I don’t have classic morning sickness (i.e. nausea, vomiting… in the morning), but in addition to the extreme exhaustion, I feel randomly terrible. Sometimes I wake up and feel sick, sometimes I eat and feel sick, and sometimes I just feel sick. I can eat the same thing two days in a row and one of those times I will feel terrible afterwards and the other time will feel fine. I haven’t thrown up yet (*knocks on wood*), but I’ve felt like it a few times. With the non-morning sickness I also get dizzy really easily and sometimes queasy at smells. I feel simultaneously hungry and nauseous. Nothing really sounds particularly terrible but nothing also sounds particularly wonderful.

So, today I’ve had the worst nausea ALL DAY. I’ve eaten because supposedly that is better than not eating. I feel miserable. I feel like I’ve been on the verge of throwing up most of the day. My sweet sweet husband left the house at 8pm to go find me Diet Ginger Ale and Emetrol to hopefully help. I haven’t told anyone at work (1, because our families don’t know yet and 2, it’s none of their business) so I can’t run around wearing seasickness bands because I’m pretty sure that would be noticeable. So we’ll try ginger ale and Emetrol¬†and hope that helps.

Pregnancy Symptom #1: I’m building a baby, what did YOU do today?

I’M SO TIRED. I’m tired all the time. Every second of every day. Whether I sleep 4 hours or 12 (that is not an exaggeration), I’m always tired. It actually goes past being tired. I’m exhausted. On my days off I honestly have barely enough energy to shower and plop myself on the couch.

Today was a perfect example. I was in bed last night by 11pm at the absolute latest. And that is actually a late night for me recently. I got out of bed around 10:15am. I could have probably slept until noon. I basically spent all day on the couch. It didn’t help that my allergies were acting up and my nose was running and my head was stuffy. That just made things worse. So I pretty much watched TV and played on the computer all day with Holly, my old lady cat, cuddled up next to me. It was pitiful. Me, not her. She was cute.

The day wasn’t a total bust though. I managed to unload the dishwasher and make myself dinner. Yay for me. I’ve read that it gets better after the first trimester. Which means I have 5 weeks and 2 days of being exhausted to go.