Product Review: A Cool Gear Halloween

You might have read my last product review for Cool Gear Inc, but if you didn’t I linked it conveniently back there. I’m helpful like that. I’m sorry I’m getting to this review so late… seeing that it’s the end of October. I do have some excuses – most of them aren’t very good but the main one is that I’ve been sick with a horrible cold/sinus infection/allergy flare-up for over a week and a half and a lot of things have gone the way of in that time. But the goodies I got, while specific to Halloween and Breast Cancer Awareness are styles of products Cool Gear Inc carries year round.

Let’s start with the Halloween Goodies. First up is the 12.5 oz Halloween Zooey Flip-Top Bottle. See all the Halloween options here. The one we received is the ghost, which my 3 1/2 year old loves. Non-Halloween available here. Now, I’m a total sucker for holiday themed stuff and I love pulling the things out each year and then storing the away to look forward to the following year. The Zooey Flip-Top series, like a lot of Cool Gear products, have a removable freezable core to help keep the contents cool. I won’t really say cold because honestly, due to the lack of insulation in the bottle itself, it does help for a bit but not for long. I used it with and without the core and my son really didn’t care either way. I ended up leaving the core out just for more room in the bottle. The top (the ghost/pumpkin/skeleton) flips up and exposes the straw (which is removable for washing) which is nice because it helps keep the straw clean. The bottle sweats if there is cold stuff in it, just like a regular cup and it’s definitely not leak-proof so it’s probably not the best option for bitty ones. My 17 month old likes it but has to be monitored closely because she tends to turn it upside down and shake it or leave it sideways on the floor. So, bottom line, this bottle is an inexpensive and fun way to add a bit of holiday magic to your celebrations. I don’t recommend it for little ones who can’t be held responsible for their cup actions and I probably wouldn’t use it in a place I’d be worried about the collected condensation, but I know this bottle will be a fun thing we pull out each year to use. And, of course, my daughter will eventually have to have her own!  

Next up on the list is my favorite of the Halloween goodies for myself, the insulated 16oz Mason Jar with Handle. See the Halloween options here, non-festive here and here. They also have non-handle versions but, let’s face it, a handle makes it easier to hold. I love insulated stuff. It doesn’t sweat and keeps it cold longer than a regular cup. Win-win. This one comes with a hard straw that can’t be pulled out from the top (yay) and an opening that can be totally closed up if you remove the straw. Why would you remove the straw, you ask? Because there is also flip opening if you’d rather drink it that way. The lid, which is modeled after a mason jar lid, is plastic and screws on/off. Drawback is it doesn’t fit in a cup holder. Buuuuut that’s where our next goody comes into play! 

Our last Halloween cup is also a can, from their CoolGearCan line. The Halloween guy is 12oz, is double wall insulated (remember my love of insulated products?), screws closed and has a fake “tab” that slides back so you can drink. I’d say my biggest complaint on this is just that the opening to drink from isn’t very big. I would have liked the “tab” to slide back a bit more to allow more liquid to come through. But, I really do love this cup. It is fun to carry around, closes up tightly, and is small enough to fit a cupholder or a pocket in a diaper bag or large purse. 

If you’re like me and love fun cups (and if you don’t, well, I don’t know if we can be friends) head over to and check out their products. There are a ton I haven’t shown you yet and their products aren’t just limited to beverage holders. Plus they have products for a lot of other holidays too… including (my favorite) Christmas! And just think, a CoolGearCan would fit perfectly in stocking… especially if it’s a Florida State one. Just kidding! Sorta.